My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 446

Chapter 446: Operation

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The tube hidden in the bracelet was also specially made, and belonged to the same set as the silver needles.

As for the bracelet, its insides were powered by electricity, and could automatically sterilize all the silver needles and tubes.

Although the silver needles and tubes were very thin, there was no new blood pouring into the brain after the blood vessel was ligated. In addition to this, there was continuous blood drainage going on in the area, so the pressure on the brain was reduced. With that, Chi Yang slowly felt better, and his headache also reduced a lot.

The spot where the silver needle pierced was the blood stasis area, situated far away from the ruptured blood vessel.

After the blood was sucked by the vacuum, it rushed towards the silver needle, and very soon, the excess blood around the ruptured blood vessel was slowly purged.

Although she had X-ray vision, and was not afraid that the blood would block her vision, the accumulation of blood would not only cause pressure on the blood vessels, it would also act as the biggest obstacle for the next, most important step.

Therefore, drainage of the excess blood was very important.

After the blood accumulated in the brain was cleared, Zhong Nuannuan took out a particularly soft solid silver needle, which was as thin as a strand of hair, and pricked it into Chi Yang’s head.

After the needle tip passed through the skull, it carefully went through Chi Yang’s brain, reaching the edge of a functioning blood vessel right next to the broken blood vessel; a moment later, she used the edge of the needle to gently shake the blood vessel. After determining its flexibility, she fiddled with it gently, moving it towards the ruptured artery.

When the two blood vessels came together, the ligated artery had already swelled up and was beginning to compress the nerve next to it.

However, at this moment, Zhong Nuannuan gently punctured the functioning artery, and at the same time, the tip of the needle came up and directly connected the ruptured blood vessel to the functioning blood vessel. After that, she simultaneously withdrew the three needles that were responsible for stopping the bleeding.

At this moment, the swollen blood vessel was about to bleed again, and blood was already starting to pour out of the two blood vessels.

However, the silver needle inserted into the normal blood vessel had stitched the broken blood vessel and normal blood vessel together like cloth.

The ruptured artery was perfectly connected to the intact artery, and the blood that would have originally gushed out and accumulated in the head flowed along the healthy artery and began to circulate normally.

On the other hand, after the blood accumulated in the brain had been drained for a period of time, it almost cleared out completely.

Chi Yang lay on the bed as his head, which was originally in so much pain that he almost fainted, started gradually feeling better. With the continuous gushing of blood, the intensity of his headache became lighter, so only then did he recall what he had experienced earlier.

The first thing he remembered was that he, a soldier of 189cm in height, was lifted by his cute little fiance.

Zhong Nuannuan did not avoid Chi Yang when she cured his condition, nor did she deliberately make him faint. After all, in this case, it was very important for the patient to maintain consciousness, so even if Chi Yang discovered her X-ray vision after this, she would not do anything that would cause him harm.

From where Chi Yang’s was lying, he could see a tube connected to his head, and although it was very, very thin, blood was contiounsly flowing from the tube into the vacuum flask.

He knew that this was the blood that had pooled in his head.

The reason why he was in so much pain just now was that he had a sudden cerebral hemorrhage.

At this moment, Chi Yang really felt very weak.