My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 447

Chapter 447: His Girl

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He had clearly told Nuannuan that his head injury was all right, that it would never threaten his life, and even guaranteed that he could stay healthy with her for the rest of her life.

As a result…

How long did it take for him to have an unexpected cerebral hemorrhage?

He felt really lethargic.

This time, he really did not know how to explain everything to Nuannuan.

He did not know if Nuannuan would think of him as a liar…

The worms in Big Brother Chi Yang’s stomach twisted around thousands of times, but Zhong Nuannuan was only focusing on treating him at this moment, and could not deal with the roundworms in his stomach.

Chi Yang cooperated very well and maintained the same posture the entire time as the blood in the bottle gradually filled. As his head became more and more relaxed, his dilemma finally came to an end.

This whole time, he had a cerebral hemorrhage…

Bleeding in the brain…

How did his fiance remove the blood from his brain as if it was a simple blood draw?

Were there gaps in the skull as well?

This seemed unscientific!!

The blood vessels and nerves found in the brain were denser than in any other part of the body, even if she could find the acupuncture points accurately, was she not afraid of puncturing his cranial nerves with the needle and making him brain-dead?

Chi Yang thought about this in a daze, when suddenly he saw a few fingerprints where his gaze had landed on the ceiling.

They had just moved in and the ceiling was relatively clean, so the mark was extremely light, so faint that it was almost invisible.

However, Chi Yang spotted it.

He recalled the moment earlier when he wiped Nuannuan’s hands and found that although her hands were not as blackened as her face, they were dustier and dirtier than her face. Suddenly, his thoughts became clearer.

Something had really happened in this house before he came back. Moreover, his Nuannuan was even having fun on the ceiling not long ago.

Therefore, it was very obvious that the blood in the elevator and junction should have belonged to the bad guy.

Besides that, Nuannuan, using some unknown method, not only drove away the bad guys, but also got the house clean within 2 minutes of his return.

It seemed that his little girl was a really capable person!

Thinking that the arrogant Queen of Spades was his Nuannuan, and imagining that the bad guy might have been entranced by his little girl’s bullying, but also so scared that they might have pissed their pants in terror, Chi Yang’s lips could not help but raise into a smile.

As expected of his little girl, she was really powerful!

There was almost no doubt that his little girl was the sniper on the helicopter who would blow off the heads of anybody who wanted to touch him. After all, her body was already deeply etched into his mind, and he could recall every inch of her body from any angle. Therefore, he was very sure that the person on the plane was Nuannuan. At that time, the thigh of the woman who had helped Nuannuan to kill the Wute Organization on the plane was the same as that of the woman next to the Queen of Spades, so there was no doubt that the Queen of Spades was Nuannuan.

However, if she was that very powerful sniper, where did she learn these skills from?

She was already so capable at just 17 years old Had she suffered a lot in the past 14 years?

Thinking of the girl on the plane, whose gaze was so icy that it seemed she had crawled out of hell, Chi Yang felt his heart hurt terribly.

No wonder his heart hurt so much when he saw the girl’s eyesit turned out that the girl was his girl.

At this moment, Chi Yang really wanted to ask Nuannuan how she had survived after she was abducted by the human traffickers. However, when the words came to his mouth, he could not speak.

If she really had such a profession, then in their relationship one belonged to darkness, while the other belonged to light.