My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 448

Chapter 448: Different Worlds

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They were people from two different worlds…

He was afraid that she would leave him after he discovered her identity.

In addition to this, his body was not too healthy, and he kept suffering from cerebral hemorrhaging.

Therefore, when he thought of this, Chi Yang decided to drop the matter.

Not only was he resolute on not mentioning this in front of Nuannuan, even if she mentioned it, he would not respond, and he would not talk about this with her!

Hence, after a very long time, Zhong Nuannuan wanted to confess to Chi Yang, but even though her movements were already very clear, to the point she felt that even a pig could realize that there was something wrong with her, her Big Brother Chi Yang did not mention it. This left her speechless.

Chi Yang’s thoughts were preoccupied with her, whereas Zhong Nuannuan did not dare to distract herself from caring for his body for even a second.

After all, both the pinprick and catheter were very thin, so the blood was being drained at a very slow speed.

15 minutes later, Zhong Nuannuan’s hand pulled out the two silver needles that held the two cerebral arteries together quickly and accurately.

The silver needles were about the same thickness as a strand of hair, and they were pulled out very quickly. Thus, after the needle was pulled out, the resulting trauma caused to the brain was very small.

Zhong Nuannuan nervously and carefully observed the amount of bleeding after the silver needles were withdrawn.

The automatic reparative function of the human body was actually speedy and peculiar. When she used the needles as a bridge to bond the two blood vessels together, the blood flow gradually became smoother.

After she removed the needles, although blood was still coming out of the eye of the needle, most of the blood flowed into the functioning blood vessel. After the blood entered the body’s circulatory system, the brain’s blood clotting function quickly repaired the ruptured area.

After bridging, the two arteries became one.

The wall of the ruptured blood vessel had also merged quickly with the walls of the functioning blood vessel.

Under the suction of the needle siphon, the excess blood in his brain reduced as well.

Finally, after a few more minutes, the excess blood in the brain was completely drained.

Zhong Nuannuan retracted the needle, then held up the test tube and took a closer look at it.

The amount of blood drained was 42 ml.

Thank goodness!

Chi Yang’s condition came up too suddenly and seriously this time, so he had bled 42 ml in just a short while.

If she did not know medicine, she would have sent him to the hospital after she found out about it, and the hospital would have conducted another checkup Even the mighty gods could not save him by the time they were done with that.

This was because once the blood accumulated in the brain exceeded 25ml, even if a person did not die, he or she would at least be left with hemiplegia, paraplegia or some other other hemiplegiac condition.

Fortunately, she quickly drained the blood when she discovered his brain hemorrhage. This way, even though his brain was still bleeding, a lot of it would have already been drained, so the damage caused by the pressure on his brain would not be irreparable.

If her movements were a little slower…

The result would be simply horrifying.

What Chi Yang did not know was that because of Zhong Nuannuan, not only was his life saved quickly and perfectly, but he had also avoided a huge operation that would have taken at least a few hours for even a senior professor to conduct, whereby he would have probably ended up hemiplegia or paraplegia.

“Are you done?” Chi Yang asked in a low voice.

“Yes, I’m done.” Zhong Nuannuan responded in a very good mood.

“This… is all the blood in my brain?”

Thinking that Chi Yang was scared, Zhong Nuannuan lay down on the bed, stretched out her hands to stroke his somewhat prickly short hair, and petted him in the same way that he often petted her while saying, “Yes, it’s all the blood drained from your brain earlier. However, don’t be afraid, don’t you know that I have a very good understanding of acupuncture points?”