My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 449

Chapter 449: Promise

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“I found the bloodletting point through the acupuncture points and drained the excess blood in your brain. Even if there’s still some stagnant blood that might flow out of your arteries, I can still use acupuncture to stimulate them in order to dissipate it completely.”

Chi Yang was still lying on his side in the posture that Zhong Nuannuan had instructed him earlier. As he looked at Nuannuan lying in front of him, with her buttocks slightly protruding like a little hamster, his gaze was filled with a tenderness and sweetness that would not fade away.

“Previously, I said that my old injuries were fine… I actually lied to you. The doctor warned me before that I had suffered severe head injuries, so it was not suitable for me to return to the special forces team. However, I have my own beliefs and responsibilities, so I insisted on returning to the special forces team.

“At that time, the doctor already said that my head could not withstand too much mental or traumatic stimulation, otherwise my blood vessels would easily rupture and cause cerebral hemorrhaging. I thought I was much better after two operations, but who knew”

Chi Yang did not continue to speak. Zhong Nuannuan probably knew very well how bad his situation was just now.

“Nuannuan, I’m sorry. Will you”

Before Chi Yang finished speaking, Zhong Nuannuan, who had been lying down while listening to him with her buttocks lifted, approached him, kissed his moving lips, and soothed his restless heart.

Chi Yang immediately felt his heart warm up as he enthusiastically responded to Nuannuan’s kisses.

She kissed his lips, and then kissed his forehead, eyes, nose, and face.

Their kiss did not contain any lust, it was just a simple, passionate, and adoring kiss.

“Big Brother Chi Yang, don’t say such heartbreaking things in the future anymore. Don’t you want to marry me?”

“I want to.” Chi Yang did not shy away, and answered the question seriously and earnestly.

“Me too. We’re already a couple about to get married, and even the military base has approved our marriage, so it’s already set in stone. Have you forgotten that when two people get married, they will promise each other that whether in good or bad times, richness or poverty, illness or health, that they would love and cherish each other, such that they would only be separated by death?

“For some people, this may be just a transitionary phase before they get married, and their promises might not count. However, for me, choosing you is my promise to you.

“Unlike other people’s promises, I promise you that we’ve owned each other ever since the day you made the marriage report. In the future, whether in good or bad times, richness or poverty, illness or health, I’ll love you and cherish you until even death… cannot separate us. Don’t worry, even if you die, I’ll stay with you. Okay?”

Originally, she was a person who cherished life.

However, when she had faced death in her previous life, Chi Yang could have simply abandoned her and escaped at the last moment, but he did not leave her. She had been completely destroyed by the organization, yet he had helped her block countless bullets and died whilst shielding her. After that moment, Zhong Nuannuan swore that she would really say these words from the bottom of her heart.

When it came to this man who valued her life more than his own, and was even willing to sacrifice himself for her despite the fact that had not gotten anything throughout their six years of marriage, he was her support pillar.

Therefore, if he died, she would no longer have any emotions not desire to live in this world anymore.

In this new life, nothing nor anyone else in this world was important to her anymore. The only person she cared about was him!