My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 450

Chapter 450: Truthful Feelings

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Sourness poured from his abdomen into his chest, then into his throat…

Chi Yang’s Adam’s apple trembled as his eyes reddened instantly.

He did not want to ask why she was suddenly so nice to him. He did not want to tell her that if he dies, he would let her find someone else to marry, and that she had to live out the rest of her life happily.

These were all untrue.

His obsession with her was so strong that even he himself did not know its depth.

The side-effect of his obsession was that even if he were to lose the whole world, he could never lose her!

Thus, if he really did die one day and she was left alone, he would never be willing to see her remarry. He could not accept seeing her holding hands with another man from the grave.

If he did, he might be so angry that he would come back to life.

Therefore, when he heard Zhong Nuannuan’s words, Chi Yang was shocked yet delighted.

Thousands and thousands of sentences converged into two words which came out with a strong nasally sound


“Yes, really.” Zhong Nuannuan nodded cautiously.

Looking at her clear, bright eyes, Chi Yang felt so happy that he felt as if his whole body was about to bubble up.

Even Zhong Nuannuan, who was looking at him now, felt that he was like a plot of fertile soil at the moment, blooming everywhere at a speed visible to the naked eye.

And there were all these bright red flowers at that.

Looking at how happy he was, Zhong Nuannuan snickered a little. However, inside her heart, she was hurting.

He had silently done so many things for her in his past life. Even when he had died to protect her, he still did not cry.

However, when she had confessed to him like this, although she was telling the truth and had only expressed it verbally, he was actually so moved that his eyes went red.

This was the same man that would not shed a drop of tear no matter how much blood he shed.

Zhong Nuannuan got up from the bed and reached out to support him by the arm, “Big Brother Chi Yang, sit up slowly. Reduce your movements a bit.”

“Ok.” At this moment Chi Yang was still immersed in a sea of happiness, completely swooned by his wife. T hus, it was natural that whatever she said, went.

When he recovered, he saw Zhong Nuannuan bending down and putting his shoes on for him.

Moreover. he was not wearing slippers, but leisure shoes meant for going out.

“Nuannuan, what is this for?”

“Although the blood clot in your head has been removed, you still have a wound in your brain. Although you’re not bleeding now, you still have to go to the hospital to infuse in some nutritional fluids for your recovery. Those fluids can help with the recovery of the injury in your brain. Let’s go.”


Originally, he was firm that he would not go to a hospital unless absolutely necessary, especially since it was obvious he had been cured. Even though Chi Yang normally would not go to the hospital, when facing his wife, whatever she said was law.

Looking at Nuannuan putting on his shoes, Chi Yang was a little sorry.

“Let me.”

With that, Chi Yang got ready to bend down.

“Don’t move!”

When Zhong Nuannuan yelled this, Chi Yang’s body froze in place and did not move.

Looking at him stiffening his back, Zhong Nuannuan nearly burst out laughing. “You don’t need to do this, just relax. Don’t keep bending over, just squat down. Do you know why you had a sudden brain haemorrhage just now?”

Chi Yang looked at Zhong Nuannuan nagging like a little old lady and the corner of his lips raised happily.

Seeing that he did not speak and was just looking at her with his eyes full of love, Zhong Nuannuan’s cheeks went slightly red. She continued saying, “It must’ve been caused by the excessive movements during your mission today.”