My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 451

Chapter 451: My Dream

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“Fortunately, you didn’t succumb when you were out on your mission, but only after you came back.”

Otherwise, the consequences would be unimaginable.

After reliving this life, many things had changed indeed. After all, the last time Chi Yang had his third craniotomy was three years after their marriage.

However, this time, if she was not by his side, he would definitely have undergone craniotomy in advance today. She was also sure that if she were not here today, his craniotomy would definitely have failed. After all, the bleeding was excessive. He would not have made it to the hospital and would have probably passed on.

Chi Yang did not dare say that seeing the blood in the elevator was what had shocked his once damaged cerebral blood vessel. After that, because he did not realize that he was experiencing a brain hemorrhage, he had even run off and taken a hot bath.

Otherwise, Nuannuan would know that he had already known or had doubted her identity.

Thus, when facing his wife’s teachings, Chi Yang was like an obedient child, humbly accepting criticism.

After this, Zhong Nuannuan drove all the way to the hospital.

On the way, Chi Yang was very well-behaved and exceptionally obedient as he sweetly endured his wife’s nagging the entire way.

Zhong Nuannuan was indeed shocked tonight. If it were not for her current mental strength that was just enough to support her to complete such a delicate acupuncture, Chi Yang would have been done for. Hence, she nagged him a bit more.

Meanwhile, Chi Yang waited for her to finish nagging before replying positively and sincerely, “Nuannuan, I’m sorry, I made you worry today.”

Zhong Nuannuan, “”

Yes it was true that she was shocked and that she was worried. Who told him to act so dangerously even when he clearly knew his physical condition was not great?

“Because I wanted to fulfill my dream in the past, I went my own way regardless of the dissuasion from the doctor and my family. Through today’s events I understand the fact that my body no longer belongs to myself, it also belongs to you. Thus, I’ll apply for a job transfer after a while, or transfer to a civilian job in the military base.

Zhong Nuannuan was startled and stepped on the brakes. The car slowly stopped by the roadside.

“Why?” Zhong Nuannuan looked at him: “Isn’t it your dream to be a soldier?”

“But now my dream is you.”

Zhong Nuannuan, “!!!”

The sudden flirting knocked her off her seat.

Her Big Brother Chi Yang was getting better at hitting on her.

How could she stand it?

Looking at Chi Yang’s serious eyes, Zhong Nuannuan asked, “Are you for real?”

“Yes.” Chi Yang nodded.

“Won’t you feel regret giving up on your military career?”

A momentary struggle flashed before Chi Yang’s eyes, but after seeing Nuannuan’s eyes he immediately became firm. “I won’t.”

He wanted to give Nuannuan a cozy life, he did not want her to live in fear for him.

Although he was touched, happy, and stunned by everything Nuannuan had done tonight, as a man, he could not be so selfish. If he could not even care for his own little home and wife, how could he be of service to everyone?

Despite this, Zhong Nuannuan knew Chi Yang’s true identity.

She also knew his abilities and ambitions.

She even knew that his enemies were setting their eyes on him.

Thus, since she had chosen him, how could she allow her feelings to stop him from chasing his dreams?

Zhong Nuannuan leaned in, and Chi Yang already knew what she wanted to do even before she crawled into his arms.

“Big Brother Chi Yang, I know you’ll regret it. After all, you like your profession so much.”