My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 452

Chapter 452: With You

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“Very few people regard their career as their dream. Few people also have faith. But, you’re someone who has faith, dreams, and integrity. As your fiance, I’m also a future military wife, so how could I allow you to do such a thing as give up on your military career?”

“But…” Chi Yang wanted to say that today’s event had not only shocked her, but also himself.

At that moment, he really thought he would die.

He was not afraid of death.

He was afraid of leaving her alone after he died.

After his brush with death, he wanted to give up.

“No buts.” Zhong Nuannuan interrupted Chi Yang.

“My medical skills are so good, I can even fix your brain haemorrhage with silver needles, so why won’t you believe in me?”

Zhong Nuannuan leaned on Chi Yang’s chest, listening to his strong heartbeat as she spoke slowly, “Big Brother Chi Yang, I will take care of you. No matter how bad your sickness and injuries are, I will cure you.”

“So, you should be at ease as you chase your ideals, I will be your sturdy support.”

Zhong Nuannuan’s words touched Chi Yang so much that he, an iron-willed and steadfast man, almost cried.

“You really won’t blame me?”

“You’re so outstanding and great, what could I blame you for?”

“Then, won’t you be scared? Like what happened today if something like this happen to me again one day and you’re not by my side…”

Zhong Nuannuan leaned against Chi Yang’s arms while feeling a little low. She said after a while, “That’s why I want to go to medical university. Once I’m admitted, I can justifiably apply to join you when you’re out for dangerous missions in the future.”

Zhong Nuannuan raised her head, “Can I?”

She knew Chi Yang’s rank was more than just of a captain. His power was vast and in his special forces team, everything was under his charge.

Thus, it would be a breeze to bring her, a student of the medical university, into the medical team of the military base.

“Ok, when you’re admitted to the medical university, I’ll bring you along when I’m out on important missions.”

Not only were his wife’s skills excellent. Normally, an important mission took around 10 to 20 days, so bringing his wife along could also prevent her from being coveted by other men.

As for why his wife was so capable, what her true identity was, and whether she had any ulterior motive for being close to him all these factors were non-existent to Chi Yang.

His wife loved him and spoiled him so much that, in order to help her, she did not hesitate to go to Mustapha to enter a firefight.

If Chi Yang still thought that such a good wife like Zhong Nuannuan had approached him for an ulterior motive, he might as well be thrown off a ship.

In reality, when Zhong Nuannuan made this request, she felt that there was only a 30% chance he would agree.

Unexpectedly, Chi Yang readily agree without giving it a second thought. This made her unable to react for a long time.

When she finally responded, Zhong Nuannuan’s mood suddenly improved.

“Really? You promised! If it’s a dangerous mission, especially a faraway mission, you must bring me along! You already promised me, so you’re not allowed to go back on your word. If you do, I’ll ignore you!”

Ignore him?

This was definitely a big deal!

Chi Yang immediately replied, “Rest assured, in my team, I have the final say. I promised you, so I’ll definitely bring you along.”