My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 453

Chapter 453: Confession 1

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After this, Zhong Nuannuan’s mood completely turned around.

It was not that she had to stay with Chi Yang all the time.

In fact, if he was in the same city as her, she could accept it even if she could not see him for more than ten days or even a month or two. What she was afraid of was that when he was far away, if something were to happen, she would be beyond reach.

“Ok, then I will fully support you for the rest of my life.”

Chi Yang smiled faintly and planted a kiss on Zhong Nuannuan’s forehead. “Not a lifetime. When I reach Uncle Leng’s age, I’ll transfer to a civilian job. When that happens, I’ll spend most of my life with you.”


What he did not know was that she would be very happy as long as she could see him do well every day.

Zhong Nuannuan continued driving while Chi Yang sat in the passenger seat; The entire time, the corner of his lips was raised.

After a long time, Zhong Nuannuan suddenly asked, “You don’t have anything you want to ask me?”

After all, what she did just now was no ordinary acupuncture. No matter how good one’s acupuncture was, such as the person who taught her acupuncture, one absolutely could not reach her level.

Acupuncture on the head should never be done recklessly without precision instruments. Especially for acupuncture that pierces the skull and interacts directly with the brain.

Chi Yang had already had two major head surgeries, so he must have had a general understanding of what a brain haemorrhage was or brain conditions.

There were two terrifying things about a brain haemorrhage; the first was a cerebral haemorrhage itself, and the second was dealing with ruptured arteries while dealing with the haemorrhage. Failure to deal with the second would lead to it contiounsly draining blood as they would be unable to stop the bleeding.

If either of the above was not handled correctly, what awaited was the patient’s death.

This kind of surgery needed craniotomy and precision instruments. After all, it was something that could not be seen by the naked eye.

However, she had solved the problem with her silver needles.

Thus, she did not believe that Chi Yang was not suspicious.

Zhong Nuannuan did not tell anyone else about her X-ray vision, not even Feng Shengxuan who was closest to her, Bai Liyue, Dan Qi, Aiden, or Selina. Whether or not they were able to guess was not of any concern to her.

Nevertheless, when it came to Chi Yang, she was willing to tell him her deepest secrets.

Despite this, Chi Yang merely glanced at her before caressing her head fondly.

“My Nuannuan is the best girl in the world. I’ll believe any unexplainable thing of yours. So, when you’re willing to tell me when the time’s right, I’ll listen. However, there’s no need to say it if you’re not ready to tell me. We still have a lifetime to understand each other, so isn’t that more than enough?”

Zhong Nuannuan was so swooned by this that the car drifted slightly.

“I have an ability. I have X-ray vision. I also have extraordinary retentive memory while the more things I remember, the stronger my mental strength, and the stronger my X-ray vision. With this, I could see the bleeding blood vessel, then used the silver needle to perform intussusception of the ruptured blood vessel with a normal blood vessel. This way your blood could be redirected to flow to the good blood vessel.”

After seeing that Chi Yang was silent, Zhong Nuannuan knew he needed time to digest this properly.

Thus, she glanced at Chi Yang and added, “Although this is my secret, there’s nothing I can’t say to Big Brother Chi Yang.”

She thought Chi Yang would be very, very wowed, and exclaim that she was so amazing, so awesome, et cetera.