My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 455

Chapter 455: Is It Done?

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Even so, thanks to Chi Yang’s powers, that drug that he drank only caused him to lose his abilities temporarily, and did not have any effect on his muscle tissue. Thus, Chi Yang dealt with all the mercenaries from the organisation with just his powerless body.

Despite this, in the end, his body still lacked energy and was unable to deal with hundreds of the top mercenaries ranked 2S-level and above. Only then was he shot to death.

The truth behind his death would forever be a mystery; It was something that Zhong Nuannuan would never know.


In contrast to Zhong Nuannuan and Chi Yang’s warmth and sweetness, at this moment, Ou Mingxi sat alone in the room without the lights on, anxiously waiting for a reply from Azure Dragon Gang.

The other party had called her one and half hour ago, saying that they had spotted Zhong Nuannuan come back.

They told her that they would wait for an hour and only go in after she had gone to sleep.

At this moment, they should have already been up for half an hour, but why had they not reported back to her?

Could it be that seven members of the Azure Dragon Gang, wielding swords and gun, needed half an hour to deal with a powerless woman?

Ou Mingxi’s patience had almost run out 15 minutes ago. Now, another 15 minutes had passed, and Ou Mingxi really could not wait any longer.

She finally picked up her phone and made an anonymous call.

Her phone card had an anti-tracking device. Even if Chi Yang answered the call, once she hung up, the other party would not be able to trace the call back to her.

Even so, the call went unanswered for a long time.

Ou Mingxi called again, and still no one answered.

Now, Ou Mingxi was mad, and she called Lei Peng, the fourth hall master of the Azure Dragon Gang, directly.


Lei Peng was already asleep while hugging a girl. He was full of anger to have been awakened in the middle of the night.

“Who’s this?”

“Hall Master Lei, I’m Ou Mingxi.”

When he heard it was the daughter of the deputy governor, Lei Peng’s impatient voice improved slightly.

“Oh, Miss Ou, is there a problem to be calling so late at night?”

Ou Mingxi suppressed the gloominess in her heart and said, “The seven people you sent didn’t answer my calls up until now. Can they at least inform me whether or not they have completed the mission? I’ve already been waiting for a long time and yet, they didn’t report back to me. I called but they still didn’t pick up.”

Lei Peng frowned, “When did they start their mission?”

“Half an hour ago.”

Lei Peng was so annoyed by Ou Mingxi that he no longer cared that she was the daughter of the deputy governor. He said unhappily, “Miss Ou, we took on a task to murder, not chop watermelons. Doesn’t it take time to kill someone? Don’t you need to clean up the mess after killing them? Don’t you need to escape after cleaning up? Miss Ou, all this takes time.”


Ou Mingxi was angry with Lei Peng, but because she had asked for his help, she could not yell at him and could only drop the issue.

She got up, switched on the computer and played a few rounds of mah-jong online, but lost 20,000 yuan because she was absent-minded.

Seeing that another hour had passed and the other party had not called her yet, Ou Mingxi made another call but found that no one was answering. Her gut instincts were telling him things had gone south, so she called Lei Peng again.

Lei Peng was annoyed by Ou Mingxi, but when he looked at the caller ID and time on his home screen, he noticed that it had been another hour since the last phone call with Ou Mingxi. The killing of this female high school student should have been over by this, so why was Ou Mingxi still calling him?