My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 456

Chapter 456: New Deal

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With that, Lei Peng picked up the call. This time, he was fully awake.

“Hello, Miss Ou, what’s the matter?”

“Hall Master Lei, your men still haven’t answered my calls. It has been two hours since they went to take out Zhong Nuannuan. If the mission hasn’t been completed, could it be possible that they have failed?”

“They haven’t answered yet?” Lei Peng started frowning.


“Wait, I’ll give them a call.”

After hanging up Ou Mingxi’s call, Lei Peng then called one of his subordinates.

The people under the Azure Dragon Gang would have a captain when carrying out missions; The person he called was the captain of this mission.

This call was via their internal line, so as long as the person was alive, even if they were still in the midst of carrying out the mission, they would answer the call immediately.

Unfortunately, the phone rang for a long time. When a whole minute passed with it going unanswered, Lei Peng’s heart sank.

Seven men were sent just to kill a female high school student. How could the whole army have been taken out?

Lei Peng was dumbfounded.

Meanwhile, at that moment, the phone he had made the call to was lying in the passenger seat of a car being driven away by a person with frightened eyes.

This man already decided to disappear from the face of the earth.

He did not want to go back to Azure Dragon Gang anymore.

Lei Peng called the entire night and until dawn when the phone automatically turned off. Only then was he forced to admit that all his men were dead.

Lei Peng made a call back to Ou Mingxi.

“Hall Master Lei, any results?” Ou Mingxi asked impatiently.

Lei Peng did not answer but asked in turn, “Miss Ou, before this you said you wanted to buy high school student Zhong Nuannuan’s life, and you assured us that she was merely an ordinary female high school student. But now, none of my subordinates can be contacted, so shouldn’t you give us, the Azura Dragon Gang, an explanation?”

When Ou Ming heard that operation had failed, and that Zhong Nuannuan was still alive, she got extremely angry.

She went through all that trouble to find out that the military base had an operation at night, and that Chi Yang was leading some men out of the country. Such a good opportunity had fallen into her lap, but the other party had messed up. Now, he still dared to talk to her in such an angry tone?

“Explanation? What explanation? I told you, Zhong Nuannuan is an ordinary female high school student, what else do you want me to say? I paid 1 miliion yuan, your men didn’t kill her, and now I have to listen to your rebuttal? Is this your level of professionalism?”

Lei Peng was enraged by Ou Mingxi’s words.

“Miss Ou, the reason why we lost seven brothers is all because the information you gave us was not true. Even if Zhong Nuannuan was an ordinary high school student, she must have had someone around to protect her, otherwise our men wouldn’t have failed.

“If you weren’t the governor’s daughter, we wouldn’t have just let it go this time. So, our deal ends here.”

“No, I want Zhong Nuannuan dead!” Ou Mingxi was not willing to allow her money be squandered like this. Moreover, she did not want Zhong Nuannuan to still be alive when Chi Yang returned from his mission.

“Oh, then please go elsewhere. Anyway, the Azure Dragon Gang can’t help Miss Ou complete the mission anymore.” With that, Lei Peng planned on ending the call.

“I’ll pay more. How much do you guys want? I’ll pay! Seven people can’t handle Zhong Nuannuan, but you guys have about five or six hundred people. Surely Zhong Nuannuan can be killed if you send everybody out? Because of her, you lost seven brothers. Surely you as the fourth hall master, don’t plan to end it like this. Even if you can bear it, can your gang leader bear it?”