My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 457

Chapter 457: Details

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When Lei Peng heard this, he smiled.

“So, how much money is Miss Ou planning to pay me for murder?”

“5 million. I will give you another 5 million, kill Zhong Nuannuan for me. No, rape her first then kill her! I want a complete video!”

It cost her 6 million in its entirety. Ou Mingxi felt pain for the amount of money she had to spend; this 6 million was basically her entire bank account accumulated over the years.

After all, her dad was only a Deputy Governor, so there was still a gap in her wealth when compared to those wealthy rich families.

“5 million? Miss Ou is trying to shoo a beggar! To be honest with you, those brothers of mine are dead, and we are planning to give 1 million each to their families. We will be spending 7 million just for those 7 people. Miss Ou, you should find someone else to handle your business, we can’t afford to suffer any more losses.”

“Then, how much do you want?” Ou Mingxi asked through gritted teeth.

She knew that Lei Peng only wanted to open the lion’s mouth.

The maximum amount given to the families of those fallen members was only one hundred thousand, while others might not even be given a penny. Yet, now he was claiming that he needed 1 million for each person, which was simply extortionary.

However, she recalled that once Zhong Nuannuan was murdered, Chi Yang would lose the woman he liked. By that time, what reason would he have not to like her, the rich and beautiful daughter of the Deputy Governor? In addition to this, the Azure Dragon Gang could be considered the largest gangster group in Jiang District. On one hand, they had a complete operating system that could ensure their customer’s safety, and on the other, they would also be convenient for her dad to handle. Hence, Ou Mingxi could only entertain their request.

“Previously, we didn’t manage to kill her with 1 million, so now the difficulty level has risen to 5 million. In addition to the funeral expenses of my seven brothers from before, it will be a total of 12 million. Miss Ou, because you are the governor’s daughter, I am giving you a discount 10 million will be enough. If you think it’s too expensive, please look for someone else.”

Ou Mingxi felt depressed.

10 million…Where could she get so much money?

Her father could not be allowed to know of this matter, but the total amount of money she had only amounted to 5 million. What should she do?

Thinking of a house under her name, Ou Mingxi said, “I don’t have that much cash. How about this, I have a 230-square-meter villa on Jifu Road. I will transfer it to you in addition to one million, then you’ll help me deal with the girl.”

“Miss Ou, although house prices are on the rise now, do you think a 230-square-foot house could sell for 40,000 per square meter?”

“That property of mine is a villa! And it is on Jifu Road. 230 square meters is the area listed on the real estate certificate, adding on the free area that was gifted alongside the estate, the real area of the property is nearly 400 square meters!”

“Then, of course when I transfer and sell it, I can’t possibly write 400 square meters in the contract, right? No need to discuss it anymore. Give me 3 million, plus the house, and we will accept the deal. Otherwise, you can go find someone else. ”

“Okay, deal!”

Although she was suffering a huge loss, Zhong Nuannuan had to be gotten rid of while Chi Yang was away. Moreover, she did not dare borrow a large sum of money which could make people suspicious of her.

At last, Ou Mingxi gritted her teeth and agreed.

“Alright, tomorrow morning I will send someone to meet Miss Ou for the transfer of the property ownership, and then we will act on the plan in the afternoon. But Miss Ou, who is that Zhong Nuannuan? You should at least give us a hint. If she had offended Miss Ou, we presume that she is not a normal person. Thus, we cannot suffer a loss by her hands, right?”

“Her boyfriend is a captain in the army.”

Lei Peng cussed to himself. ‘F*ck!’

As he was about to end the deal, he heard Ou Mingxi’s words, “But someone close to my family has introduced the captain to me. I can tell you confidently that the person close to my family is the captain’s immediate superior.”