My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 458

Chapter 458: Stop It

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“Now, her boyfriend intends to break up with her, but she isn’t letting go because she has a marriage contract with her boyfriend. Not only that, she had previously made a marriage report which was even approved by the Military Base, which makes her confident. This woman is too troublesome, and that’s why I want to get rid of her.”

“Are you sure that killing her won’t lead to retaliation from the captain?”

“He is already my boyfriend, why would he fight back?”

Lei Peng thought for a while and felt that it would be quite easy to kill a high school student as long as it was done discretely. Thus, he agreed.

After discussing business with Lei Peng, Ou Mingxi was utterly angered.

She had already thought that 1 million was expensive in the first place, but now this was costing her 10 million. It was fortunate that the house was under her name and that her father usually would not check the property certificate. Otherwise, she would have to be content watching Zhong Nuannuan jumping around happily in front of her.

For unknown reasons, she felt that Zhong Nuannuan was a big obstacle. If she did not make Zhong Nuannuan disappear from this world forever, she felt that she would lose Chi Yang no matter how attractive a partner she was.

Ou Mingxi took a deep breath while sitting in the dark room for a bit then opened the door to go to the kitchen and found a bottle of ice water to drink.

As she came downstairs, Ou Chenghe had coincidentally just returned.

Ou Mingxi was stunned, “Dad, I thought you had come back long ago, why did you come back home so late?”

It was already past 3am. Seeing Ou Chenghe looking slightly absent-minded, Ou Mingxi frowned and asked with concern, “Dad, did anything happen?”

Ou Chenghe thought for a while, then nodded, “Yeah.”

Ou Mingxi was startled, and she asked nervously, “What’s the matter?”

The change of the term was half a year away and the atmosphere was filled with tension.

Ou Chenghe was the deputy governor and was one step away from reaching the level of Committee. However, so many people were baring their fangs trying to enter this prestigious group that there was bound to be a silent fight between those of the same level.

She was afraid that if her father got rectified or accused, that she would have nothing left.

“Your Uncle Wang got arrested.”


Ou Mingxi stared blankly for a moment, then asked, “Which Uncle Wang? It’s not Wang Gangyi, right?”

Ou Chenghe nodded. “It’s him.”

“Why was he arrested? Wasn’t he still okay two days ago? Who did that to him?”

“Chi Yang.”

Ou Mingxi, “!!!”

After being in shock for a long time, Ou Mingxi glared and asked, “Chi Yang… so he did this to Uncle Wang just because Uncle Wang introduced him to me?”

“Yeah.” Ou Chenghe nodded. “I heard that your Uncle Wang is being arrested because of Zhong Nuannuan. It was Zhong Nuannuan who ran to the Military Base to file a complaint. As your Uncle Wang tried to stop her, he committed the crime of suppressing people with his power, which caused him to go against the rules of the Military Base. Hence, he got arrested.”

Ou Mingxi screamed in disbelief.

“Getting arrested just because of such a trivial matter? This is illogical!”

“This incident was just the catalyst. After your Uncle Wang was called over for questioning by the Department of Justice of the Military Base, many people suddenly came forward to report that your Uncle Wang had been corrupted and involved in bribery. They were trying to push him to his death. I heard that your Uncle Wang has been taken away by people from Emperor District today.”

Ou Mingxi, “…”

“Zhong Nuannuan is horrible! How can this woman stoop so low?”

Ou Chenghe sighed. “Your Uncle Wang has always been careful in doing things. Who would have expected him to capsize so magnificently? Mingxi, Dad thinks you should stop targeting Chi Yang. When Dad met him that day, my heart was filled with fear. He is not as harmless as he seems.”