My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 459

Chapter 459: A Meeting At The Hospital

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“It is because he is powerful. He is not just a harmless, ordinary person, and that is why I like him! Dad, it wasn’t easy for me to fall in love with a man. Do you really have the heart to let my love die? If I really can be together with Chi Yang, it will also benefit you!”

Ou Chenghe shook his head. “I’m afraid that he won’t benefit me, but be a very strong poison instead. Mingxi, you are a girl with your own thoughts. Normally, Dad wouldn’t really bother you much, but you have to listen to Dad on this matter. From now on, stay away from Chi Yang and Zhong Nuannuan. Don’t provoke them anymore, okay?”

Ou Mingxi snarled slightly. “Then what if Chi Yang falls in love with me?”


“How do you know that it’s impossible? How am I, your daughter, any worse than Zhong Nuannuan?

“You don’t need to say so much to me, this matter is over. I forbid you from pestering Chi Yang again and interfering in Chi Yang and Zhong Nuannuan’s relationship, do you hear?” Ou Chenghe said sternly.

“Okay okay! So annoying!”

Ou Mingxi got the cold shoulder, so she returned to her room angrily.

Let it be?

Why should she let it be?

She wanted Zhong Nuannuan to know that a girl like herself, who came back to the city from a remote rural area would live out an unfortunate life, and that some blessings were not applicable for people like her.

Moreover, when she recalled the Azure Dragon Gang, Ou Mingxi was totally confident.

After all, it was a gang which had committed more than a hundred of murder cases every year.


Zhong Nuannuan drove to the private hospital where Jiang Shuwan was hospitalized. The doctor was even trying with all his might to check on Chi Yang before carrying out the transfusion.

In the end, after the checking was done, the CT image showed that there was no blood accumulated in the brain at all, which meant that there was no need for a transfusion.

However, under Zhong Nuannuan insistence, in addition to what Zhong Nuannuan had asked for, which was a nutrient solution for the brain, the doctor still prescribed the nutrient solution to Chi Yang.

It was nine o’clock the next morning by the time the transfusion and breakfast was over.

At this moment, Chi Yang felt completely fine, but in order to support him, Zhong Nuannuan still held his hand as he walked.

As they walked to the door, they ran into Zhong Kuijun and Zhong Qianqian, who appeared to be glowing and energetic.

The reason they were said to be glowing and energetic was because Gu Mingzhe was walking by their side.

Gu Mingzhe was still trying to aim for Nangong Family’s eldest lady, so he had hurriedly showed his face when Jiang Shuwan was hospitalized. When it came to Jiang Shuwan’s hospitalization, Gu Mingzhe was a perfect son-in-law of the nation, in stark contrast to Chi Yang.

Seeing Zhong Nuannuan and Chi Yang walking toward them, Zhong Kuijun’s expression changed. “Chi Yang?!… Nuannuan, why are both of you here?”

The shocked expression on Zhong Kuijun’s face appeared the moment he saw Chi Yang. Although he had immediately turned it into a smiling expression, the shocked expression for that split-second instantly made Chi Yang and Zhong Nuannuan’s gaze turn darker.

“Chi Yang had a headache last night, so I accompanied him here for a transfusion.”

When he heard that Chi Yang had suffered a headache, Zhong Kuijun asked with concern, “Headache? Why did you have a headache? Chi Yang, are you alright?”

“It’s nothing. There were lots of things going on at the Military Base recently, so maybe it’s just down to insufficient rest.”

Zhong Kuijun replied with a smile, “Then, take a good rest at home. Since there isn’t anything important after the practice ended.”

“How come Uncle Zhong hasn’t been to the Military Base over the past two days?”

“I had accumulated a few off-days from before, and because there was no one to take care of Nuannuan’s mother, I took three days off since the afternoon the day before yesterday. I thought I should come and take care of her.”