My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 462

Chapter 462: Crossing Lines

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“Nuannuan and Chi Yang definitely crossed the line on this matter,” Gu Mingzhe defended Zhong Qianqian. Zhong Qianqian was so touched her tears instantly fell.

Scolding Gu Mingzhe was not good, but neither was talking bad about Chi Yang. Hence, Zhong Kuijun realized that he was a loser either way, so he could only say, “You guys go inside to see your mom. I need to go to the military base, so I’ll leave first.”

Looking at Zhong Kuijun leaving, Zhong Qianqian cried harder.

Gu Mingzhe was upset but recalled that this was the little princess of Nangong Family, so the anger that had swelled up disappeared instantly.

He reached out and gently embraced Zhong Qianqian in his arms, patting her back gently while coaxing her, “Good girl, stop crying, I’m here.”

“Bro Mingzhe, do you hate me? I really didn’t mean to show off, I only had good intentions. I just wanted to help her, boo hoo…why did she say that to me?”

“No Qianqian, I won’t hate you. You’re my future wife; Someone I set my mind on. Even if the whole world hates you, I’ll stand by your side. I know you just wanted to help Nuannuan, I know you had good intentions. It’s okay, forget that she’s ungrateful, someday she’ll come to us and beg, you don’t have to be sad. When that time comes, I’ll help you talk to her, okay?”

“Okay.” Zhong Qianqian nodded, but then thought of Chi Yang’s threat just now and could not help but ask, “Bro Mingzhe, what’s the situation with Xue Miqi? Will she continue to bite onto me and not let go like a mad dog?

“You have to believe me, I really didn’t do it! It was Xue Miqi who heard that the auction would be postponed and that the standards would become higher. She wanted to buy a nice evening gown and borrowed 30,000 yuan from me. I really have nothing to do with it! I”

Gu Mingzhe looked at her crying face and felt as if 10,000 horses were stepping on his heart.

Finding the killer was a given, and everyone wanted to learn the truth. Was it necessary to explain it with such aggrievance?

“Qianqian, I believe you. You’re the kindest girl in my heart. As for Xue Miqi, I have already taken care of her parents. With her parents as witness, she won’t simply bite you again.”

As soon as he finished talking, his stomach acid surged and he almost threw up his breakfast.

At this moment, Gu Mingzhe’s phone rang.

“Qianqian, excuse me, I’m taking this call.”

With that, Gu Mingzhe picked up the call. “Hello, dad, what’s the matter? I’m accompanying Qianqian. We’re getting ready to visit her mother, she fractured her rib. What?”

Gu Mingzhe was suddenly became alarmed while looking at Zhong Qianqian. Zhong Qianqian was so scared that her face turned pale. “BroBro Mingzhe, is something wrong? Why are you looking at me like that?”

“Dad, are you sure that what you are saying is true?”

Zhong Qianqian listened to Gu Mingzhe’s words which were directed at his father. Despite this, Gu Mingzhe was looking at her. Could it be that their marriage fell through?

Instantly, Zhong Qianqian grew terrified scared. She almost lost her footing.

“Okay dad, don’t worry, I’ll ask Qianqian about this matter first.”

With that, Gu Mingzhe looked at Zhong Qianqian and asked, “Qianqian, have you offended someone recently?”

“Huh?” Zhong Qianqian was a little confused.

There were actually many people that she offended but what did that have to do with Gu Mingzhe?

“Did you complain to anyone after you got engaged with me?”

Gu Mingzhe’s words really scared Zhong Qianqian.

Could it be that someone could not stand her and spoke ill of her in front of Gu Mingzhe’s father?