My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 464

Chapter 464: Apologizing

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One had to know, Leng Jinpeng was a very prominent figure in Emperor District. He was the instructor of the Camino covert special forces, while it was often whispered that even the common members of that covert special forces were at least the rank of captain. That covert special forces could be said to be the elite within the elite. The official members of the special forces teams of the military bases generally went to that special team to be gilded before commencing formal operations. After a year and a half of training the members of that special team, they would come out true masters of their craft.

And Leng Jinpeng was said to be No. 1 ranked member of the secret forces team before his body completely crumbled.

However, Zhong Nuannuan, the silly lady, had gone and offended Leng Jinpeng’s son!

“Qianqian, can you go and apologize to Leng Qirui? Our family has had a hard time getting to this state. My parents are happy about me wanting to marry you, but… when something like this happens, if it’s really because you that the other party wants to drive us to the death. I’m afraid my parents won’t agree to this marriage. Think about it, you caused it. If my parents announce to the public that they had made a mistake, that we will not get married, then the other parties will not target our family anymore. But by then, what willyou do? That day, I proposed to you in front of all your classmates, teachers, and even the headmaster. If we break up, where can you hide your face? Let’s not talk about Emperor District, can you even still mix with the circle of nobles in Jiang District?”

Gu Mingzhe reasoned with her, and although Zhong Qianqian sadly cried and looked as if she had been wronged, in order to marry Gu Mingzhe, in order to be a young lady of the Gu family, she could only nod reluctantly. “Okay. Then, I will admit my mistake. I will apologize to Zhong Nuannuan and Leng Qirui, and ask him to take back what he did to the Gu family.”


Meanwhile, Chi Yang had not rested well the night before, so Zhong Nuannuan was going to take him back home to rest.

There was a commanding officer at the military base keeping watch, so there was nothing to be worried about as this traitor could not be found in just a short period of time. Seeing that Chi Yang was able to rest at home, Zhong Nuannuan immediately asked for a leave from the school and stayed with Chi Yang in the apartment. After all, they did not normally spend much time together.

Not long after leaving the hospital, Zhong Nuannuan’s phone rang. Seeing that it was Zhong Qianqian’s call, she declined the call and blocked it.

When Zhong Nuannuan declined the call, Zhong Qianqian was even more sure that it must have been Zhong Nuannuan’s instructions to target the Gu family. She then immediately started crying and called Zhong Kuijun to complain.

No one knew what Zhong Kuijun was doing as it immediately declined the call.

She called again but it kept ringing. Even after calling for half an hour, it said that he was busy.

“Bro Mingzhe, my dad seems to have blacklisted me,” Zhong Qianqian cried miserably as she nestled in Gu Mingzhe’s arms, the latter of which had a face as dark as ink.

Gu Mingzhe caressed her back while reassuring her that she would definitely get the chance. At the same time, he was silently scolding this stupid b*tch.

If it were not for him knowing of her secret identity, he would have given her a tight slap by now.

“If they are not answering, let it be. Let’s go, I will accompany you to school and go straight to apologize to Young Master Leng. At that point, regardless of if Young Master Leng Shao loses his temper, you cannot be angry, got it? As long as he can finally relax and withdraw the sanctions against the Gu family, then all is good.”

Zhong Qianqian’s eyes were swollen from crying. She was really unwilling to go to school to apologize. After all, it was really shameful to do this with so many students watching.