My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 466

Chapter 466: The Apology

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Zhong Qianqian immediately said, “Sorry, sorry! I’m sorry! I shouldn’t have spoken ill of Zhong Nuannuan behind her back. I shouldn’t have wandered around aimlessly in front of you and her. I I promise not to walked around the both of you again, okay? If you two really can’t stand the sight of me, I can also go to another class for my lessons.

“Then we’re good.” Leng Qirui agreed immediately, already growing sick of the sight of this disgusting woman.

“Young Master Leng, so what you’re saying is that you’ll forgive Qianqian as long as she does what she says, right?”

“Indeed.” Leng Qirui nodded.

“Good, then I’ll go now to have Qianqian’s class changed.”

With that, Gu Mingzhe brought Zhong Qianqian out.

This apology came strongly and bafflingly. However, Leng Qirui still dumbfoundedly received it. After all, Zhong Qianqian really disgusted him.

Meanwhile, with Gu Mingzhe’s help, Zhong Qianqian transferred classes.

Gu Mingzhe approached the school board, and the class transfer request was quickly approved.

By the time the next class ended, Zhong Qianqian was already a student of Ye Mengxi’s class.

When Ye Mengxi saw Zhong Qianqian walk in like a golden peacock as she was accompanied by Gu Mingzhe, the envy and jealousy in her heart…

Damn it, Gu Mingzhe really had sh*t in his eyes!

She did not understand why Gu Mingzhe was interested in Zhong Qianqian and not her.

“Brother Mingzhe, this is really heavy. I can’t carry it.”

“I’ll help you get it.”

“Jeez, Brother Mingzhe, the table here is so dirty!”

“I’ll help you wipe it.”

“Brother Mingzhe, this bench is uncomfortable to sit on.”

“Why don’t I have the school board order a more comfortable chair for you?”

Because it had been so easy to please Leng Qirui, Gu Mingzhe was in a good mood. That was why he could tolerate all of Zhong Qianqian’s gripes. After all, she was the future princess of the Nangong Family, and had the right to be a bother.

Every word of Gu Mingzhe ticked Zhong Qianqian’s boxes, making her feel many times more honored. Thinking of how she would spend every day of the future under everyone’s envious gazesespecially Ye Mengximade Zhong Qianqian feel that life was beautiful.

“Never mind, there’s no need. I’ll just use it as it is. After all, the other students are using the same chair as me, so it wouldn’t be good for me to make special arrangements.

However, Zhong Nuannuan was oblivious to the fact that although she had successfully made Ye Mengxi jealous, she had also disgusted all the students in the class.

What if they wanted to beat this b*tch to death?

The entire class was waiting in line urgently.

After everything was done, Gu Mingzhe brought Zhong Qianqian out to see Leng Qirui.

“Young Master Leng, Qianqian has already apologized to you, and I’ve arranged for her class transfer, so you should be okay now, right?”

Leng Qirui did not even look at Gu Mingzhe as he continued to do his own things. He simply grunted. “Well, take her away, and don’t get in my way.”


Zhong Qianqian felt dejected.

Was she a dog?

She was the future Young Lady of the Gu Family, okay?!

However, when facing Leng Qirui, Zhong Qianqian was completely unable to put up any form of resistance.

Even the Gu Family could be…

If only the person Leng Qirui liked was her!

Yet this person had sh*t in his eyes and liked Zhong Nuannuan, that bumpkin.

“Don’t worry, Young Master Leng. She won’t wander about in front of you anymore. Then can you revoke the punishment?”

“What punishment?” Leng Qirui did not understand.

“Because Young Master Shao disapproved of Qianqian, you sanctioned those of us at the Gu Family Enterprise and had our partners terminate their contracts with us.”