My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 467

Chapter 467: A Misunderstanding?

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“This has instantly put our business into a freefall. Now that your anger has subsided, can you revoke the sanctions against the Gu Family Enterprise?”

Upon hearing Gu Mingzhe’s words, the students immediately inhaled a breath of air.

Young Master Leng was so domineering!

Previously, they only knew that in the past, Young Master Leng had brought ruin to the family of the female student who had liked him.

Now, just because he disapproved of Zhong Qianqian, he actually immediately had the Gu Family Enterprise sanctioned.

The Gu Family!

That was not an ordinary family!

That was a high-class aristocratic family of Emperor District!

At this moment, the students started to view Leng Qirui differently.

Only then did Leng Qirui raise his head from the game he was playing. He looked around stupefied, reaping the many looks of adoration, then glanced at Gu Mingzhe and a grumpy-looking Zhong Qianqian.

“When did I sanction the Gu Family?”

Gu Mingzhe, “!”

Zhong Qianqian, “!”

“Young Master Leng, did you not have members of the Leng family threaten all the suppliers of the Gu Family Enterprise?” Gu Mingzhe, seeing Leng Qirui’s dumbfounded expression, was also taken aback.

“Do I look that free? Anyway, the Gu Family is also one of the high-class aristocratic families. Do I not have to spend money to do such things? Do you think Zhong Qianqian is worth me spending money on?

Gu Mingzhe, “”

Zhong Qianqian, “”

“The most I’d do is slap her if I didn’t like how she looked. I wouldn’t waste a penny on her.”

“You really didn’t?”

“Why would I lie to you?”

Zhong Qianqian had heard enough.

“If it wasn’t you, then how could you accept my apology so pompously? Moreover, how could you demand that I be transferred to another class? You’re just too much!”

Leng Qirui sneered. “Do you have a problem? It was you who insisted on apologizing to me and seeking my forgiveness. It’s not like I begged for you to come b*tching. Oh, so what you mean is that you shouldn’t have apologized to me because I didn’t screw you over? In that case, I think I should still mess you up! I might not be willing to spend money on you, but I can still get rid of the Gu Family even without spending a time. Do you want to test me?”

As the saying goes, if one did not fear a godlike adversary, they should fear at least fear a sh*tty companion. Back when he was in the Jiang District, Gu Mingzhe was a myth to Jia Yong. Now, he was a noble son of an Imperial District’s aristocratic family. No matter what he did, he did it skillfully, easily and flawlessly. Having now met a sh*tty companion in the form of Zhong Qianqian, he was simply unable to describe the sunny thought in his heart at this moment. In the end, he could only tug on Zhong Qianqian’s hand to ask her to correct her attitude toward Leng Qirui.

If Leng Qirui also acted against the Gu Family, then he would truly have no place to cry.

“Young Master Leng, I’m terribly sorry. Qianqian didn’t know any better, so let me make amends to you here. Whether she provokes you or not, I assure you that our agreement from before still stands.”

With that, without giving Zhong Qianqianwho was teary-faced and glaring at Leng Qirui like she was staring at her foea chance to speak, he pulled her away.

Upon seeing the situation, Wu Wenqian and Li Shanshan also followed them out.

Gu Mingzhe pulled Zhong Qianqian to a secluded spot before stopping.

By the time the other two had caught up, Zhong Qianqian had already burst into tears and was hugging Gu Mingzhe. She ranted about how over-the-top Leng Qirui was and how humiliating it was for her.

Gu Mingzhe, no longer able to hold back the primordial emotions within himself, spoke softly to her with a hint of scorn. “Don’t cry. Those of us from the Gu Family Enterprise are in all sorts of trouble because of you, but I haven’t even cried yet.”