My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 468

Chapter 468: Irritable

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When he said that, Zhong Qianqian cried even harder.

“Brother Mingzhe, are you… are you blaming me? I don’t know who I’ve offended, I really don’t know. Boohoo… Could it be that Uncle made a mistake, or Uncle said that on purpose because he didn’t like me?”

Gu Mingzhe had already cursed Zhong Qianqian ten thousand times in his heart.

In truth, he had only been in contact with her for two or three days, but the little bit of affection he had for Zhong Qianqian disappeared at that moment.

If it had not been for the two DNA tests, he would have genuinely believed that he had gotten the wrong person.

How could the Jade Princess of the Nangong Family give birth to such a person who lacked good looks and a figure? Forget her peculiar thought process, one could even say that Zhong Qianqian’s basic brain functions were lacking!

Could it be that Nangong Yu had hit her stomach when she was conceived, causing the dirt in her intestines to flow backwards, such that Zhong Qianqian’s head was filled with sh*t?

Did this woman really have no self-awareness? He was an outstanding young master from Emperor District who fancied a Cinderella who had nothing. He did not break up with her right away when something happened, but not only was she ungrateful and failed to behave herself properly, she even pretended to look pitiful and wronged in front of him the whole time.

Gu Mingzhe felt annoyed by the crying. “Qianqian, my father would never joke about things like this, but he is indeed very upset with you. If you still want our marriage to go on smoothly, you must find out who you offended. After that, I can accompany you to apologize to the other party. If you can’t even determine who the other party is, then we’re not destined to be together.”

“No, Brother Mingzhe, I don’t want to lose you, boohoo… I don’t want to lose you”

“I don’t want to lose you either. Qianqian, I’m true to you. However, as the only heir of Gu Family Enterprise, you also have to be considerate of my difficulties. I won’t give up on you, but we must find this person and obtain their forgiveness, understand?”

“The thing is that I really don’t know who I’ve offended! Boohoo What should I do, Brother Mingzhe, do you think I’m useless? I’m usually very simple-minded, and my temperament is relatively straightforward; I speak whatever’s on my mind, so I really don’t know who I’ve offended.”

Gu Mingzhe felt like killing someone!

Meanwhile, Wu Wenqian and Li Shanshan looked on with extreme jealousy. After a while, Li Shanshan asked, “Qianqian, could it be Selina?”

Zhong Qianqian was stunned, and suddenly saw the light. “Yeah! I only said a few words to her that day, and she said that she would make it impossible for me to marry into the Gu Family. Ah! It’s her! It must be her! How could she be so evil? She’s too much!”

“Who is Selina?”

“I don’t know either! I only know that Zhong Nuannuan once saved her life, so she’s a diehard Zhong Nuannuan fan.”

Gu Mingzhe was speechless.

Li Shanshan could not look on any longer and said, “Selina did not say who she is, but she’s of mixed-race, and was featured in “Vampire 3″she was the second female lead in it. She’s probably a Hollywood actor.”

Wu Wenqian curled her lips. “Who would’ve thought that a small actress like her would use such vicious methods? She must’ve hooked up with some powerful old man on the international stage, otherwise how could she dare to attack the Emperor District’s Gu Family?”

Gu Mingzhe glanced at Wu Wenqian in disgust, exhaled a mouthful of bad breath and asked Zhong Qianqian, “What did you say to her?”