My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 470

Chapter 470: Confession

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Seeing that Li Shanshan was gone, and her relationship with Wu Wenqian was about to collapse, Zhong Qianqian became afraid that she would be left all alone, so she immediately adopted a gentler approach. “Qianqian, I wanted to wait for Li Shanshan to leave before telling you this. Once this matter is resolved and after I get married to Brother Mingzhe, I’ll ask him to introduce the heads of their branches to you.”

When Wu Wenqian heard this, her mood immediately brightened, and without even stopping to think for a second, her expression changed instantly. “Okay, I’ll accompany you to apologize to Selina.”

When they got to the undergraduate department, Selina was surrounded by a large wave of seniors from the computer science division.

All these people had roses in their hands.

‘Sh*t, doesn’t Selina just look slightly prettier? Do so many people have to come to give her flowers?’ Zhong Qianqian felt depressed.

At this moment, Jiang Hongyi slowly walked up to Selina, kneeled on one knee, and stretched out his hand. A student in the back handed a velvet box to Jiang Hongyi.

Jiang Hongyi opened the box, and a diamond ring appeared in front of Selina.

“Selina, although you’ve only just transferred to our school, I’ve fallen in love with you ever since the first moment I saw you. I know this may sound very corny, but I still want to say: I want to be your boyfriend, no matter what your status is. Even if you’re poor, I’m willing to be with you and be your solid support structure. Selina, will you be my girlfriend? I will treat you well.”

“Say yes! Say yes! Say yes! ”

The boys who had helped Jiang Hongyi confess to Selina began to kick up a fuss, and everyone eagerly awaited Selina’s reply.

Zhong Qianqian had already walked into the enclosed circle at this moment, and her eyes lit up.

If Selina could accept her third brother, would she no longer target the Gu Family?

For this reason, Zhong Qianqian also started chanting with the crowd, smiling very happily while looking at Selina expectantly.

Selina looked at Zhong Qianqian’s foolish appearance and laughed out loud.

Jiang Hongyi did not know that Zhong Qianqian was standing behind him. Thinking that Selina was smiling at him, he also displayed a gleeful smile.

He knew itHe was the third young master of the dignified Cloud Group, if he wanted to go after a woman, who in their right mind would not accept him?

When he saw Selina bend down, Jiang Hongyi hurriedly raised the diamond ring that was less than five carats to her eyes.

At this moment, a boy who did not particularly like Jiang Hongyi jeered.

“Such a small diamond ring, are you sending a beggar off?”

Jiang Hongyi felt that his dignity was challenged, and immediately replued, “This is not a proposal ring, but just a ring to ask you to be in a relationship with me. When we get engaged, I’ll get my brother-in-law to make a bespoke jade ring for you.

“Oh, surely you still don’t know who my brother-in-law is? My brother-in-law is the only heir to the aristocratic Gu Family of Emperor District. The Gu Family’s jade jewelry business is well-known throughout Emperor District, so I definitely won’t treat you badly.”

Selena noticed that after being named by Jiang Hongyi, not only did Zhong Qianqian not show a trace of embarrassment on her face, but at this moment, under everyone’s curious-glance, she even raised her head proudly.

Now she finally knew why her big boss did not want to kill her immediately, and allowed her to fool around instead.

Zhong Qianqian really had a handicapped brain. It would be blasphemy and disgrace to one’s IQ to really regard her as an enemy.

This d*mb*ss. She must have come to see her now in order to ask for forgiveness, right?