My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 471

Chapter 471: Violence

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Yet, she was willing to show such a haughty look.

Selina felt a deep, stinging, and bitter emotion rising from within her.

Therefore, under Jiang Hongyi’s extremely hopeful gaze, Selina stretched out her hand, and just as he thought he was going to slip the ring on, she slapped him right in the face.

The slap did not appear to be too hard, but Jiang Hongyi, a man with a large build, was knocked off his knees and flew over a meter away.

The students were stunned.

What in the world…

Was this not too violent?!

Even if she did not like Jiang Hongyi, she did not have to be so rude to him, right?

Jiang Hongyi’s face instantly swelled up to the size of a pig’s head. He propped himself up and looked at Selina dumbfounded, unable to understand why she had hit him.

“Regardless of my status, even if I’m impoverished, you’re willing to be my solid support?”

Selina repeated Jiang Hongyi’s words as she slowly walked to the diamond ring, and stepped on it with her foot. With a seemingly effortless step, she cracked the ring into half, breaking the bezel where the diamond met platinum.

“When the school board personally went through the enrollment procedures for me that day, you must’ve happened to see it, right? You knew that my identity was something else, so where did you get the audacity to claim that you’d be my backer? You even said you won’t despise me even if I’m poor. I despise you… I really despise you! I feel dirty even with you standing in front of me, do you know that?”

She looked at the man in front of her. How dare he bully her big boss together with Jiang Shuwan! When she recalled that her big boss had even give them a bone marrow transplant, she really felt like killing Jiang Shuwan and everyone in the Jiang family.

Jiang Hongyi got up, whereby his original admiration was replaced with anger and resentment. He had always been a chauvinist, so he immediately yelled at Selina, “B*tch, you’re ungrateful and shameless! It’s your blessing for me to fancy you, you”

Before Jiang Hongyi finished speaking, Zhong Qianqian rushed up, covered his mouth and prevented him from speaking further. Due to her excessive force, her fingernails dug into Jiang Hongyi’s red and swollen cheeks, causing him to jump in pain.

Jiang Hongyi was furious. He tore apart Zhong Qianqian’s hand that covered his mouth, then pushed her away.

“What are you doing? She treated me like this, but not only did you not help me out, you even covered my mouth! Zhong Qianqian, if you’re my sister, immediately ask Gu Mingzhe to find out their family details, and then punish this b*tch. I want their family to go bankrupt!”

At first, the onlooking students felt that Selina’s actions were wrong and excessive, but now they felt that Jiang Hongyi was not necessarily a goody-two-shoes himself. Even so, most of them still felt that Selina deserved it and should not have been so savage.

If others confessed to you, you did not have to accept them, but there was no need to beat up the other party and trample on their gift.

“Brother, stop talking!” Zhong Qianqian could not take it and shouted, almost angered to death by Jiang Hongyi’s attitude.

After Zhong Qianqian roared, she gave a 90-degree bow to Selina. “Selina, I’m sorry! I also apologize to you on my brother’s behalf! Be the bigger person, and please forgive my brother! My brother is also pursuing you because he likes you! It’s not wrong to like someone, is it?”

Selina looked at Zhong Qianqian and sneered. “Yes, it is not wrong to like someone. Hence, if someone else likes me, even if he’s a beggar, I can just ignore him. However, if that person is related to you and the Jiang Family, I’d feel disgusted, and I won’t be able to control my hands and feet.”