My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 472

Chapter 472: Boldness

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The onlookers on the side immediately heard that there was something more to this.

It turned out that the Zhong Family and Jiang Family had offended Selina before this. No wonder the reaction.

Seeing the surprise in Jiang Hongyi’s eyes, Selina sneered and asked, “Do you really want to know why I hate you so much?”

Jiang Hongyi was dumbfounded!

“It’s because on my first day of school, I went to see my good friend Zhong Nuannuan, but because of my good relationship with Zhong Nuannuan, Zhong Qianqian brought her pack of dogs over to bully me. One of her dogs told me that Zhong Qianqian will soon be the future young mistress of the Gu Family, while I look like a vixen and have the appearance of a home-wrecker, such that a person like me will never sleep on someone’s bed as a legitimate wife. Even if I get to climb into a man’s bed, I’ll always be a home-wrecker.”

Jiang Hongyi was speechless.

The onlooking students thought, ‘…What the hell, is this person a lunatic?’

Selina continued to smile as she asked, “Do you know why they’re here to apologize to me now?”

“It’s because after I was scolded by her, I ordered the Gu Family to be boycotted, so that all suppliers of the Gu Family’s real estate, hotel, and jade jewelry stores would stop supplying goods. In this way, not only will the Gu Family be removed from Emperor District within three months, they’ll probably be forced to return to Jiang District, where even they they’ll be unable to regain their foothold. Do you still want your sister to have her fianc deal with me and make my family bankrupt?”

Jiang Hongyi cussed to himself.

Zhong Qianqian thought, ‘I’m so sad, I want to cry!’

The onlookers thought, ‘D*mn, they deserve it!’

“Choking the Gu Family to death is as simple as squashing an ant to death to me. You’re just the son of some rotten group. Do you think I’ll regard you properly?”

Jiang Hongyi’s face turned pale after listening to her words.

“You even said you wanted to be my supporter. Where did you get the arrogance to think that you can support me?”

Jiang Hongyi’s face blushed after hearing her words again.

“You’re bringing disgrace onto yourself!”

After she finished speaking, Selina ignored Jiang Hongyi, turned to Zhong Qianqian, and gloated, “Oh, future young mistress of the Gu Family Enterprise, you finally got on a bed as a legitimate wife, but instead of enjoying your honor as a young mistress, you’ve come here to admit your mistakes?”

Zhong Qianqian imagined herself stabbing Selina a thousand times, and when she thought of her own future, she finally swallowed her ego, and stopped her disgusting two-faced act.

“Selina, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have provoked you, let alone allow my friends to talk about you like that. Please, can you be the bigger person and forgive us?”

After Zhong Qianqian finished speaking, Wu Wenqian also stood up. “Senior Selina, I’m sorry, I was wrong! Please forget the misdoings of lowly people like us. Please forgive Qianqian!”

“Forgive? I’m sorry, I, Selina, don’t have this word in my dictionary.”

Zhong Qianqian cried, and apparently gave up. However, Wu Wenqian rushed to Selina and knelt down in front of her. “Then What do I have to do for you to let the Gu Family go? Just say the word, and we’ll definitely be able to do it.”

Selina smiled gently. “I’m a woman of my word. In the past, I had said that I wanted to show you that it’s nothing great to be the Gu Family’s young mistress, and I did it. Hence, I also hope that classmate Zhong Qianqian can keep her word about what she had said before. If she comes to apologize to me one day, she should be ready to livestream herself eating faeces. Dear students, do you want to watch the future young mistress of the Gu Family’s livestreaming herself eating sh*t?”

The students thought, ‘Yes I do!’ However, they dared not say anything out of fear of this woman.