My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 476

Chapter 476: Sorrow

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Listening to the sorrowful accusation on the other end, Zhong Nuannuan felt a shred of guilt.

Just a tiny shred.

“Sometimes it’s inconvenient for me to answer, so I blocked all your numbers. If you encounter this situation in the future, you don’t have to wait for me, I’ll call you back as soon as it’s convenient.”

Feng Shengxuan was speechless.

He wanted to flip the table. He was furious. Inconvenient? Why was it inconvenient? Who was she with for this to be inconvenient? D*mn it!

The venom in Feng Shengxuan’s heart had condensed and seeped out, frightening the middle and high-level leaders of the group enterprise.

They all felt that they could withstand the meeting in the early morning, but what they could not bear was the boss’ viciousness that might kill people at any time.

However, when Feng Shengxuan’s voice fell, his words sounded extremely gentle. “Okay, it’s fine. As long as you call me back, it’s fine.”

“Did you call me to talk about something?”

“It’s nothing, I just heard that you went to Mustapha with Aiden and Selina yesterday, and you even arrested Venato. Apparently, Venato had rebelled.”

When Feng Shengxuan said this, he was not asking a question but rather, making a statement. At the same time, Zhong Nuannuan knew that when his call could not get through to her, he must have conducted thorough research of the situation there.

“Have you contacted Sanji?”

“Yeah.” Feng Shengxuan replied, “I exchanged a few words with him, but you have a good judgement; Sanji is more suitable than Venato.”

“Sanji has ambitions, but his ambition is not as large as Venato’s, and his family is also not as well off compared to Venato’s. In addition to this, when we suppressed Venato yesterday, we also let them know the final resting place of Lieutenant General Nelson, which also shocked Sanji. In short, we can at least be sure that he won’t betray us for the next five years.”

Feng Shengxuan could not help but laugh. “With you frightening him, forget the next five years, he definitely won’t betray us in the next fifty years.”

Zhong Nuannuan could not help but smile as she said, “Do you trust me that much?”

“Of course, who are you? You’re the famous”

“Big Brother.”

Feng Shengxuan was just about to say it when Zhong Nuannuan stopped him aloud, and reminded him, “I’m already out.”

Feng Shengxuan’s breath stopped for a moment, and he then smiled gently. “Thanks to you, we’re all out.”


“Why did you suddenly go to Mustapha yesterday?”

Zhong Nuannuan knew about Feng Shengxuan’s feelings towards her, so she did not want to deliberately cause more problems before getting married. She did not even plan to tell him about Chi Yang’s existence before her marriage.

“The military base has a mission in Mustapha, and after I came to know about this by accident, I was worried about its impact on the mines in City B, so I went to check on them. Unexpectedly, I saw that Venato not only united the opposition forces to embezzle our mines in City B, he also wanted to use our wealth to declare war on the president of Mustapha. Thus, I dealt with him directly.”

At this moment, Zhong Nuannuan could not see the gloomy expression and dark aura surrounding Feng Shengxuan’s body, because what Feng Shengxuan said next sounded so normal.

“I see. If he dared to touch your things, then he deserves a fate worse than death.”


Although Feng Shengxuan was the eldest brother of their group, Zhong Nuannuan was the big boss of their group of six. She was notified whenever Feng Shengxuan did anything, whereas she did not need to report to anyone herself. Therefore, Zhong Nuannuan simply grunted her affirmation and no longer said anything.

Seeing that she was not speaking and sounded as if she was about to hang up the phone again, Feng Shengxuan spoke quickly.