My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 478

Chapter 478: Cruel And Ruthless

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Although the other subordinates were all shocked, all of them sat still and did not dare to speak.

Some of the blood was on the table, while some of it was still around his mouth. Feng Shengxuan stretched out his hand, causing the blood that had converged into a single rivulet to drip onto his slightly raised fingers. They left a stark imprint on his slender, white fingers before slowly sliding down his fingertips.

“Big Brother, what happened to you?”

Zhong Nuannuan had heard the subordinate’s cry and frowned.

“Did you vomit blood? Is your stomach in pain? Did you not properly take any of the medication I had prepared for you?”

“Who says I’m vomiting blood?” Feng Shengxuan’s sharp gaze swept across the meeting room. The entire room fell silent and no one dared to speak again.

“I heard you spurt as well as someone’s cry of alarm.”

” I was fuming from what you told me earlier, so I killed someone in the spur of the moment. When they saw me kill that person, they got scared.”

Zhong Nuannuan, “”

Well, this was indeed something that Feng Shengxuan was capable of.

“You honestly didn’t spew any blood?”

“If I lied to you, I would be shot at random on the way out.”


He made such an extreme promise that Zhong Nuannuan did not inquire any further.

“Even if you didn’t spew blood, you still need to take your medication properly, okay? Otherwise, you’ll develop stomach cancer in no time.”

Hearing Zhong Nuannuan’s concern for him soothed Feng Shengxuan’s heartwhich had already been ravaged into a bloody mess.

“Don’t you dislike me? Why do you still care about me? Just let me die.”

The group of executives was already immune to such words that only an abandoned woman would say. In front of others, Boss Feng was murderously decisive. One could even say he was cruel and inhuman. Only in his younger sister’s presence was he a begrudging, abandoned woman.

Zhong Nuannuan was speechless. “Since when have I disliked you? You’re the most important family member I have. Why would I not care about you?”

Feng Shengxuan curled his lipsthe blood outlining a devilish red grinbefore miserably asking, “Then would you be sad if I died?”

“Oh bah!” Zhong Nuannuan quickly dismissed his question, then cursed angrily, “Feng Shengxuan, are you itching now that you’ve lived the good life for such a long time? Don’t think I won’t kick your ass just because you’re older than me and because I call you big brother. Feng Shengxuan, I’m warning you, if I ever hear such words from you again, I’ll immediately fly to Sab and beat you up, you hear?”

Having been admonished, Feng Shengxuan immediately straightened out.

“Alright, I got it! How fierce! Who’s going to put up with a temper like yours? The man you’ll end up liking will probably reject you. I reckon I’m probably the only person in the world who won’t scorn you for being a temperamental woman.”

Zhong Nuannuan was silent for a moment, then responded confidently, “No way! The one I likehe’s bound to like me as much as I like him. No matter how I’m like, he’ll never spurn me.”

The other end of the call was silent for a long moment, after which Feng Shengxuan asked unhappily, “Do you already have someone you like?”

Originally this was the moment to come clean, but Zhong Nuannuan knew that if she admitted it, Chi Yang may have to face a boundlessly powerful opponent.

She did not want Feng Shengxuan and Chi Yang to be enemies, because these two people were the brother she grew up with and the man she loved most. For this reason, she would have to wait until she was already married before she could reveal the truth to him. This way, it would be too late, and she would make him give up completely.