My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 479

Chapter 479: Its A Long Life

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Thus, Zhong Nuannuan replied, “No.”

On the other end, Feng Shengxuan’s lookwhich had already become one of complete malicereturned to one of doting tenderness.

“No is good. No, that proves there’s still hope for me?”

“Big Brother”

Zhong Nuannuan was about to retort, but Feng Shengxuan was one step ahead of her, “Life is very long, and no one can predict the future. The future has the possibility of presenting any outcome.

“Just like you. When you were 3 years old, you were sold to the organization and watched those children who were much older than you die one after another in brutal competition. Did it occur to you then that you would be the odd one out among them to succeed and survive? Did you ever think that one day you’d be Queen alongside King? Did you ever think that one day, even Kingthe organization’s leaderwould be defeated by you; and you, at the age of 17, would destroy the largest international mercenary organization to become the king who controls the entire mercenary world?”

Zhong Nuannuan, “”

“Life is full of countless possibilities. Before you or I die, nobody can determine if the future will go the way we want it to, right?”

“You’re wrong!”

Zhong Nuannuan replied without even thinking.

Feng Shengxuan was slightly taken aback by her answer.

“Even though I was only 3 years old when I was abducted and sold to the organization, I had the will and confidence to survive, regardless of how scared I was. Whether or not you had saved me, I had the confidence that I would not be killed by those my age and even those older than me. Ultimately, I succeeded.

As for what you saidthat until the moment of death, nobody will know if the future will go the way we want it tothat may be the case for others. But for me, that isn’t the case.

My future will be the way I envisioned it. If there is a deviation, I will find a way to eliminate it and only rest when I’m dead. But then again, if I am dead, I shouldn’t care if the future doesn’t end up the way I envisioned it. Don’t you think so?”

She was sold to the organization at the age of three to undergo brutal combat training.

After knowing that she had to kill others to survive, after watching those people kill her friendwho had protected her all alongwith her own eyes, she lost it. It was also at that time that her special powers manifested.

She could clearly see the weak points on each person’s body and relentlessly attacked those areas.

She realized that as long as she observed hard enough, not only could she see the weak points of the other children, but was also able to move much faster than them. That was when she was certain that she could survive.

Feng Shengxuan, who was listening to Zhong Nuannuan speak so domineeringly, reddened at how adorable she was at this moment.

The only person in the world who would dare retort against him and not end up dead was her.

It could not be helped. He was simply willing to spoil her so.

Because Nuannuan was dashing like this!

From the moment she was 3 years old, all the other children who came to the organization looked scared and frightened. Although she was fearful, her eyes shone with an undeniable conviction and sparkled like a star. It was at that moment that he became captivated by those very eyes.

It was inconceivable that this world had a girl with eyes that beautiful.

At the time, he was 13, while she was only 3 and a half.

That was why at this moment, in the face of Zhong Nuannuan’s resistance, rather than becoming angry, Feng Shengxuan completely softened.

Then in a somewhat playful tone, he asked…