My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 481

Chapter 481: Manwhre

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The subordinate whose shoulder was shot fell to the ground, then immediately got up. Gritting his teeth, he returned to his seat.

The group of subordinates was also silent. Faced with such a situation, they did not even dare to make a sound, lest they meet the same fate as their colleague.

Feng Shengxuan was downcast. He turned to the housekeeper, who was standing at attention, and growled, “She fell in love with a manwh*re behind my back and even disposed of our own men for him. Is she still sane? I didn’t even flip out, and she literally just hung up on me! How could she do this?

Housekeeper, “”

The housekeeper could not help but roll her eyes, slandering him in her heart, “Young Master, why do you have so many questions that you dare not ask Miss Nuannuan herself?

“All you know is to behave atrociously in front of these subordinates, but in front of Miss Nuannuan, you have always been but a chicken!

“To put it nicely, it’s gentlemanly; but to put it frankly, this is henpecking.

“The thing is, the other party is still not your wife.”

Seeing the housekeeper’s deadpan face, Feng Shengxuan turned to the group of subordinates again.

The subordinates were shocked, quickly lowering their heads in fear of being shot. After all, the face of the one who was shot had already turned pale from blood loss.

Feng Shengxuan sulked for a long while, but in the end, he was no match for Zhong Nuannuan. He called the other party in submission, but after two beeps, the other party immediately rejected his call.

Feng Shengxuan’s sexy lips opened slightly as a look of confusion and incredulity washed over his face. In the eyes of the subordinates, this devil incarnate was actually a little cute.


A short message was sent over.

Feng Shengxuan saw that Zhong Nuannuan had sent it and thus quickly opened the message, eager to read its contents.

[The person you’re calling doesn’t want to answer your call and throws a piece of sh*t your way!]

Feng Shengxuan, “!”

Feng Shengxuan, who had been in a daze, suddenly laughed, then replied to the other party amusedly.

[The other party catches the sh*t you threw and gets Da Bai to lap it up.]

[Feng Shengxuan, you’ve gone too far! Da Bai is a lion, not a dog!]

[That makes no difference to me. Pick up the phone or I’ll really make Da Bai eat sh*t.]

After sending the message, he called the other party again. This time, the call went through.

The moment the call connected, Zhong Nuannuan’s tyrannical roar came from the other end, “Feng Shengxuan, I’m warning you, if you dare bully my Da Bai, I’ll fight you!”

“Sure, come on then. I’ll wait for you.” He looked forward to that happening.

“Hmph, you wish! If I find out that you’re bullying Da Bai, I promise I won’t even look at you for the next year!”

After hearing this, Feng Shengxuan’s smile instantly faded.

However, when he mulled over those words, he held his frustration back. “I was just kidding. Da Bai is yours. Even if I don’t want this pet, I’ll most certainly take care of it.”

Zhong Nuannuan thought, ‘ can you not flirt with me so provocatively and subtly? These tactics won’t work.’

“I was wrong; I shouldn’t have talked like that. It’s normal for you to doubt me as if I were in your shoes, I’d be doubtful too. But still, I wasn’t the one who did it, and if you don’t believe me, there’s nothing I can do about it.”

Zhong Nuannuan was silent for a moment, then grunted to indicate her reluctant trust in him.

Because Zhong Nuannuan trusted him, Feng Shengxuan once again smiled.

No matter how stubborn or violent the girl he raised was, she would continue to side with and believe in him.

After hanging up on Zhong Nuannuan, Feng Shengxuan dismissed everyone before quickly making a call to the Wute Organization.