My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 482

Chapter 482: A Massive Crater

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“Phoenix, hello, I’m glad you called me.”

“Big Boss Fujiwara, you don’t have to be so happy. I’m calling to tell you some bad news.” Feng Shengxuan started slowly and methodically.

“You don’t have to tell me, I already know. Our men were wiped out. Chi Yang was unexpectedly powerful. Despite 40 thousand opposition field army troops, in addition to 200 of our organization’s killers, he left unscathed.”

“There were 40 thousand men, but the field army troops were only slightly over 6 thousand. Moreover, their weapons were obsolete. Considering Badu’s incompetence, it was no wonder he met his downfall.”

Fujiwara sighed, “Indeed! However, it was still a pity. With so many people surrounding him, he could have been killed even through the sheer use of numbers alone, but why did the legitimate military capture Venato? Such a good opportunity”

As he had not been able to seize such a good opportunity and as a result lost tens of billions in goods, Fujiwara was utterly dejected. It was a hard pill to swallow.

“I called you to tell you why Venato was arrested.” Feng Shengxuan spoke nonchalantly.

“Why?” Fujiwara’s gaze sharpened to reveal a murderous gleam.

“Because my sister had rushed there.”

Fujiwara’s eyes, which were glaring dangerously a moment ago, almost bulged out of their sockets.



“Hasn’t Queen left the underworld? Didn’t she call it quits? Why did she come and meddle in our organization’s affairs?” The sound of his frustration was a straight-up roar.

“Don’t you bother with the reason for her actions. Regardless, your men have already offended her. Ahem… it’s best that you leave.”

Fujiwara was alarmed. “I How did I offend her?”

“She wants to protect Chi Yang, while you want to kill him.”

“What the f*ck! Phoenix, it’s not right for you to say that! You’re evidently the one who wants to kill Chi Yang, while I’m the one who’s helping you, okay? Venato, Badu’s opposition forces, and our organization are all here to assist you, so why am I the one who ended up offending your sister? You’re not being reasonable!”

Fujiwara was evidently incensed.

This was too much, was it not? Fujiwara was handling matters on his behalf, but in the end, the other party returned to say, “You’ve been marked by my sister, so I’ll let you leave.”

How was this reasonable?

Who did his sister think she was?

She was not a bloody damsel in distress, but first on the international mercenary rankings, with someone even placing a 3 billion USD bounty on her head. However, no organization in the entire international mercenary roster dared to f*cking dethrone her!

How could such impudence and shamelessness still exist in the world?

Unknowingly, Fujiwara’s temper was still unable to excite Feng Shengxuan’s spirit by even the slightest. This was because his energy had all been drained away by Zhong Nuannuan, such that even his stomach was beginning to ache terribly.

Naturally, Feng Shengxuan lazily replied, “That’s why I told you from the start that this was bad news. Did you think I was lying?”

Fujiwara, “”

Well, f*ck!

“Is this bad news? This is a disaster! Phoenix, the Wute Organization is the largest mafia in Yamato, with a 150-year history. This legacy was handed down by my ancestors! You were the one who told me to kill Chi Yang. Now, your sister wants to protect him and take revenge on me. From a humanitarian perspective, you should help me avert this disaster, right? Otherwise you… you’re immoral!”