My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 483

Chapter 483: A Point Of Weakness

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Fujiwara did not dare speak too heavy-handedly. After all, Phoenix was also not someone to be provoked.


Feng Shengxuan ate the medication handed to him by the housekeeper. He was already curled up on the sofa in pain. “If I could cover for you, I wouldn’t have called you. If my sister finds out that I was the one who did this, I’m dead meat. Therefore, you alone must deal with this matter.”

Fujiwara, “!”

After a long period of despondence, Fujiwara finally asked, “She’s your sister. Do you think she’ll still come and kill you after she finds out that you did it? I don’t think so.”

“She definitely won’t kill me, but she certainly won’t speak to me ever again. In that case, I might as well be dead.”

Fujiwara, “ f*ck!”

“I’m already warning you biw, so you have time to move the hideout. Leave a bit of a scapegoat as penance to my sister so she can rush to Yamato and vent her anger.”

“How long till Queen comes seeking revenge on me?”

“I don’t know. Even if she doesn’t come this week, she’ll definitely come sometime soon.”

“Okay, I got it. I’ll move the hideout.”

“You can’t move the hideout! I told you: you need to leave my sister a group of men who can pacify her. Otherwiseif all your men withdraw and my sister can’t find anyoneshe’ll call me and have me eliminate all of you then I’ll truly have no choice but to help her annihilate you!”

“…!” Fujiwara was so angry that he couldn’t speak. He screamed loudly, “Phoenix, don’t you go overboard now! You’ve cost me 200 men, and now you still want me to leave more men behind?! Do you think I can do such a thing?”

Feng Shengxuan held the earpiece far away, waiting for the other party to finish yelling before stating, “I’ll give you 40 billion, and didn’t you also lose 10 billion earlier? I’ll compensate you for that in full as well.”

Fujiwara’s small eyes narrowed as he listened.

“That 10 billion was destroyed by a person wearing a mask that bore the Queen of Spades and was done to gain favor with Chi Yang. This person couldn’t be Queen, right? After all, the letter on the mask was Q.”

“I don’t know anything about this, so you can’t blame it on my sister. Also, keep your mouth shut. If I find out from anyone else that you’ve revealed my sister’s secret, you know what I’ll do to you.”

His eerie voice was so chilling that Fujiwara shuddered.

Not many people in the world knew who Queen was.

However, aside from him, Phoenix had taken out everybody that knew this secret on the day Queen left the underworld. The only reason wasn’t dead because he had been obedient to Phoenix all along.

Intuitively, Phoenix was a much scarier being than Queen.

Because of Queen, he had temporarily kept his brutality in his scabbard.

Consequently, he did not doubt for a second that he would not see the light of day if he ever divulged anything regarding Queen, even if he and Phoenix were on better terms.

“Phoenix, don’t worry. I still want to live, so I definitely won’t say anything regarding the matter of Queen. More importantly, you guys have already destroyed the KE organization’s information, especially with regards to matters concerning Queen. The information was wiped spotless from the web and dark web. As such, I don’t think anyone would believe me even if I spoke about it. So… when are you going to transfer the 40 billion to me?”

“Within a week, create a fake Wute Organization and leave about 700 men in that organization. Can you do that?”

“It will be done!”

It so happens there was an elder he had been wanting to take out for a long time. When the time comes, he would bring his men away and leave said elder’s men to guard the Wute Organization’s headquarters.