My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 484

Chapter 484: Nuannuans Capture

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Let him endure Queen’s wrath. That way, the money can be returned, and the enemy disposed of.

“When my sister gets her anger out of her system, and when she’s happy, I will transfer the money over to you.”

Fujiwara was exasperated. “Phoenix, don’t you feel irresponsible talking like this? What if she’s still angryg?”

“Then you’ll just have to get her to vent more, then.”


“Compared to the annihilation of the Wute Organisation, you think you still have a chance?”

Fujiwara, “…”

“Alright then, when it comes to that, I’ll just transfer 10 billion US Dollars over to your account.”

Upon hearing the billion-dollar offer, Fujiwara immediately agreed.

After she hung up the phone, she watched the television for a while before the take-out food Chi Yang ordered for her arrived at her doorstep.

Inside the bag, there were four meat dishes, two vegetable dishes, a ginkgo chicken soup, and a big bowl of rice.

Zhong Nuannuan, “…”

Has she completely become a pig in Big Brother Chi Yang’s eyes?

‘This is definitely an order for two!’ Zhong Nuannuan grumbled in her heart.

However, she had no idea that Chi Yang’s order was actually for four people. He knew his sweetheart always had an appetite.

Although Zhong Nuannuan was not too happy about that, since it was still Big Brother Chi Yang’s love dinner, she would not let the food go to waste, and ate it all. She even drank the soup dry.

Rubbing her little belly, Zhong Nuannuan decided to rest for a while and then go for a jog later.


She would have to tell Big Brother Chi Yang not to order two portions of food for her in the future; It was too fattening!

After a half-hour’s rest, Zhong Nuannuan changed her clothes and headed out.

Yang Yi, in the meantime, fixated on writing an ever poetic and touching note of self-reflection, finally came to his senses long after Zhong Nuannuan left.


His thoughts were focused on his rescue yesterday and he had completely forgotten about his duty of protecting Miss Nuannuan.

As soon as these thoughts appeared in his head, Yang Yi grabbed his phone and hurried out the door.

Zhong Nuannuan felt that she was being followed as soon as she stepped out the door.

To give her followers a better opportunity to strike, she intentionally jogged on to a place with less people.

As Yang Yi stepped out of the main gate, he saw Zhong Nuannuan take a right turn into an alleyway.

His brows furrowed, and he pursued her immediately.

As he began to move forward, he noticed a minivan speeding into the same alleyway.

He gawked at the sight before him.


It could not be!

He sprinted to the junction with all the speed that he could muster, and arrived just in time to see Zhong Nuannuan being forced into the minivan.

Yang Yi quickly jotted down the minivan’s number plate, hacked the traffic database, and discovered that it was a fake license plate.

Thus, he had no choice but to hack into the security cameras near the alleyway.

Because he knew the general direction in which the minivan was headed, he managed to track down the vehicle, though it was incredibly hard to do so.

Yang Yi hurriedly hailed the next taxi, grabbed his phone, then called Chi Yang.

However, Chi Yang’s phone was in airplane mode, and the watch that they had used specifically for communications had been taken away by Viper.

With that., Yang Yi had no other optionhe had to pursue the minivan himself.

Yesterday’s events had taught him a good lesson, which was to never underestimate the enemy, and to not act rashly as to alert them.

With that said, he could not follow too closely as it would raise suspicion. Hence, he would have to arrive at the place and assess the situation then. Even if he could not execute the rescue by himself, and he could not contact the boss, he could at least call the police.

As Yang Yi analyzed the situation in his head, he became calmer.