My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 485

Chapter 485: The Screen Of Murder

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He surmised that Zhong Nuannuan was troublesome. If she continued to stay by his boss’ side, she would become a burden.

Meanwhile, Zhong Nuannuan had no clue that Yang Yi was in pursuit, since she paid close attention to Yang Yi’s movements right before stepping out of the house, she was sure that he was not following her. This was why she was so bold in setting up her own capture.

The minivan drove until it arrived at an isolated car service center.

The center looked simple on the outside; with bricks and roof tiles, it did not look impressive. However, around the back, there was a manufacturing plant, complete with cars and the like.

After the minivan pulled over at an open area, all of the crooks and ruffians came over, surrounding the area. Altogether, there was a little more than 30 of them. The doors to the van opened up, and everyone looked at Zhong Nuannuan seated between the two brothers, with a look of embarrassment on her face.

The one sitting closest to the door got out of the car first, while the other one in the back pushed Zhong Nuanuan forward. He roared at her with rage, “Get out of the car!”

“Hey, Zhao Laosan, be gentle, will you? That’s a pretty lass that we have here. She can’t be treated that harshly, can she?

“Xu Si, do you wanna f*ck her so much that you’ve gone f*cking insane? Don’t forget we have seven brothers who suffered by her hand!”

“Zhao Laosan, I know that you’re still grieving your brother’s death, but it’s not her doing, so why are you taking it out on this lady over here? Right? In fact”

“Boss Lei!!”

Xu Si was still talking, but when he saw Lei Peng coming, he wiped the lewd smile off his face and immediately stood in attention.

“Boss Lei, I’ve already interrogated this woman while we were in the car, and she had no idea that anyone was looking for her. She said that her boyfriend was worried about her safety, and let her sleep in the place opposite to the apartment, while her boyfriend’s lackey stayed in their own apartment.”

Lei Peng walked over to Zhong Nuanuan with the ruffians close by his side. He was only half a meter away from her when he stopped.

To get to their hideout, she pretended to be afraid. However, now that she was already at the location, she no longer had to maintain her facade.

A moment ago, she looked like a lonely flower battered by a maelstrom, but now her lips curled into a mocking smile. “Are you the leader of the Azure Dragon Gang?

Lei Peng froze for a while as his eyes squinted.

Despite him being this close, this woman was not afraid. In fact, she had a condescending look on her face.

No, she was not just patronizing him, but the whole of the Azure Dragon Gang,

After all, she assumed that he was the leader of the Azure Dragon Gang.

Who was this woman anyway?

Everyone was deep in thought, and they could not help but notice that the boss had a semblance of a cave-man as he stood off against a woman like Zhong Nuannuan.

Lei Peng realized quickly that his aura was diminishing and he quickly emanated a murderous air around him. As a matter of fact, everyone in his line of work, even the lowly henchman, possessed a deadly aura.

Most women, when faced with such an adversary, would usually scream in terror and faint.

However, Zhong Nuannuan was as calm as a millpond.

Lei Peng did not say a word, and Zhong Nuannuan asked, “Was it Ou Mingxi who ordered the lot of you to kidnap me? What will she have you all do to me?

Lei Peng did not answer Zhong Nuannuan’s first question. Instead, he answered the second question.

“She told us to first f*ck you, and then slit your throat!”

Lei Peng then pointed at a camera off to the side with a sinister smile on his face, “You see that? We have the gear ready, all we need is the star actress and the actors on set.”