My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 486

Chapter 486: Who Goes First?

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As he finished his sentence, his followers burst into laughter.

Zhong Nuannuan laughed along with them.

She looked beautiful when she laughed, but at the same time, she resembled a demoness which had just emerged from a painting.

However, her laughter elicited an unexplainable sense of fear. Lei Peng and the ruffians of the Azure Dragon Gang’s laughter slowly died down, and the air in the room became eerie.

“Aren’t you curious as to where your lackeys have disappeared to?”

Lei Peng grinned. “Since we fell to your capture, we prepared for the worst. However, this doesn’t mean that our brothers died in vain; We will use you, as a tribute to them. We will have our way with you, and then we’ll send you down below to them for another round. With such a beautiful lady like you to keep them company, I believe that my brothers will rest in peace in the underworld.”

There was a sense of coldness in Zhong Nuannuan’s eyes and laughter. “How many of them are you going to sic on me?”

Lei Peng scanned the room. “Who wants a piece of her?”

“I do!”

A little more than 30 men echoed.

Lei Peng cackled. “Did you hear that? Every one of my brothers wants their turn, I hope that your underside can handle it. I hope you can satisfy them all, as you’re no good to me dead.

“My brothers, get the camera ready, I’ll go first, then you all can have your fair share later.”

“Thank your Boss Lei!”

Lei Peng grinned and walked over to Zhong Nuannuan with his arm outstretched, wanting to grab her.

At that very moment, Zhong Nuannuan executed her attack.

Nobody saw exactly what she did, but a poker card instantly whooshed from under Lei Peng, and with it spewed a stream of fresh blood. A second later, an unmentionable lump of substance dropped onto the ground.

Due to her incredible speed, Lei Peng froze in shock, when he came to his senses and looked down, his crotch was nothing more than an empty space.

It was at that moment, a violent, intolerable pain struck him.


Lei Peng howled and shrieked like never before. Then, he stumbled back a few steps, fell on his butt, and clenched the barren wasteland which was his crotch as he rolled on the floor. He glared fiercely at Zhong Nuannuan like he wanted to rip her apart. The savage anger within him was imbued with stinging humiliation, which made him lose his mind. Because of this, his brain failed to consider the immense speed at which Zhong Nuannuan had struck him.

“KILL HER! KILL THIS BITCH! No, don’t kill her just yet, I want to watch her raped! F*cked over!!! Go… go fetch the Tibetan mastiffs from the backyard!”

“Boss Lei!”

The henchmen reacted in shock, some of them went to fetch the dogs, and the rest charged directly at Zhong Nuannuan.

They only felt something flying towards them. Just before they could make out what it was, they were cleft in twain from the waist.

The speed was so incredible that not a soul in the room could react to it.

Boss Lei was initially holding his groin, screaming with all the madness in the world, but when he witnessed the sight before him, his screams dissipated.

The fury in his eyes was gone in an instant, and all that was left was bewildered horror.

His brothers, who had all charged at her, perished in the blink of an eye.

The deceased were left with intact upper bodies and eyes gaping wide. None of the dead knew that they were even dead, while the ones still breathing showed nothing but angst, dread, and fear.

This form of death would seem frighteningly bizarre to the living.

It was nighttime, and the dim light from a few street lamps lit up the room. The floor was strewn with dismembered bodies and the gaze of unliving eyes. Those who were still alive gulped in terror, their faces pale as death itself as they all stumbled backward.