My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 487

Chapter 487: The Lowest Of The Low

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At this moment, the men who had left to get the Tibetan mastiffs returned. Seeing a floor full of corpses, they were scared witless. Before they knew it, they had let go of the ropes in their hands.

From the mastiffs’ throats came a low and angry growl; They looked ready to pounce at Zhong Nuannuan.

Zhong Nuannuan killed people, but she did not kill dogs.

After all, these people not only wanted to take turns raping her but also to murder her. However, the dogs were innocent, and she liked animals.

Seeing that the mastiffs were already baying and bounding towards her, Zhong Nuannuan unleashed a murderous aura. Instantly, the mastiffswho were almost upon herpawed at the ground, their claws carving a long gash in the concrete floor. They finally came to a halt at a distance of less than one meter away from Zhong Nuannuan.

The mastiffs stared at Zhong Nuannuan’s eyes with a look of terror. This was somewhat expected as animals had an innate sixth sense for powerful enemies.

Although Zhong Nuannuan seemed less than half as strong as the mastiffs’ usual opponents, her body exuded a sense of dread that they found unbearable.

Frightened, the Tibetan mastiffs’ deep growls turning into whimpers of submission.

As a result of the aura, one mastiff was even scared to the point of urinating, after which both mastiffs tacitly turned around, fleeing with their tails tucked between their legs.

Zhong Nuannuan regarded Lei Peng with a slight smile. Her schoolgirl innocence from before was thoroughly replaced by a mature voluptuousness. Coupled with the aura of hostility, her frightening demeanor horrified Lei Peng, who uncontrollably yelped in terror. Forgetting about his pain, he crawled away from her to the point of exhaustion before collapsing on the floor.

“All that talk about changing lodgings was a lie. I lied and you guys believed it. How stupid.”

Lei Peng, “”

Members of the Azur Dragon Gang, “”

At this moment, they all felt the same way in their hearts, which was

That they beheld a true monster.

Zhong Nuannuan glanced at the video camera, asking Lei Peng, “Is this live?”

Lei Peng had already wet himself. The thought of revenge and killing people on Ou Mingxi’s behalf had completely left his mind. He did not even care that his genitals had been cleaved offall he wanted now was to leave.

Lei Peng quickly shook his head. “N-N-No it’s not! It’s just for recording a-and we haven’t started.”

Zhong Nuannuan nodded. “That’s good.”

She too felt that it was not a live broadcast. If it was, she would also have to kill everyone who watched it, lest it be discovered by Big Brother Chi Yang.

Everyone thought that this would spell the end of their nightmare, that this demoness would let them go because they had not begun recording.

Unknown to them, this indicated the start of a slaughter.

They attempted to murder her, planned to gang-rape her and even set dogs on her. On top of it all, they had even wanted to record the entire thing.

Simply put, they were a bunch of scum who deserved to die!

Within two breaths, the remaining dozen or so people were eliminated. Not a person was spared, save for Lei Peng.

From Lei Peng’s perspective, he only saw a blur in front of him, after which all his men were dead.

What the hell

What kind of monster had he provoked?

At this moment, Lei Peng truly regretted taking on Ou Mingxi’s job.

He knew his own life was at its end.

When Zhong Nuannuan eliminated all his subordinates and turned to face him, Lei Peng screamed, “It wasn’t me, it wasn’t me! It had nothing to do with me! We were only hired to do these things on someone else’s behalf!”