My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 488

Chapter 488: Trouble Is Coming

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“Ou Mingxi made us do all of this! That woman relies on her status as the deputy governor’s daughter and often asks us to help her out. Ou Chenghe frequently helps our Azure Dragon Gang as well, which is why I accepted this job.”

In his panic, Lei Peng’s speech became more fluent.

Suddenly, thinking of something, he added, “I’m also not the leader of the Azure Dragon Gang, this really has nothing to do with me! Goddess, you Just have mercy on my wretched life! I really won’t dare to do such a thing ever again!”

“Mercy?” With a cold expression, Zhong Nuannuan kicked Lei Peng five meters away. His body only stopped when it slammed into the van behind him.

“If I wasn’t capable enough, I would’ve been raped and killed by you today. Would you have mercy on me just because I asked you to spare me? You even said it’s none of your business… Didn’t you accept the money? Was your lewdness just now out of desperation? If you’re mixing around in this field, you must be prepared for death.”

Seeing that Lei Peng’s face had become lifeless from fright, Zhong Nuannuan added, “However You said that you’re not the big boss of the Azure Dragon Gang?”

Lei Peng shook his head with tears and snot streaming down his face. “No! Our Azure Dragon Gang is a big gang in Jiang District. There are five to six hundred gang members scattered across all walks of life in Jiang District, and they’re considered as official gang members. As for me, I’m considered part if a side branch, which means that I’m affiliated with the Azure Dragon Gang only after paying my membership fees. Apart from myself, none of my subordinates are official members of the Azure Dragon Gang.”

“Then does the Azure Dragon Gang know about Ou Mingxi paying you money to rape and kill me?”

If they knew, she would definitely destroy them.

There was no one who would survive after having thoughts of killing her.

“The The person who knows about this is the great elder of the Azure Dragon Gang. I have a good relationship with him, so I share half of my accepted jobs with him. As for whether the Azure Dragon Gang’s leader knows about this, I’m not sure.”

After listening to Lei Peng, Zhong Nuannuan stopped talking.

As Lei Peng was wondering whether this woman would let him go or kill him, Zhong Nuannuan took out the essential travel product for a murder spree body-decomposing powder from her bag.

The bottle was not big, and Zhong Nuannuan only scattered a little powder on a corpse before putting the bottle away.

“You, if you don’t want to die, pile these people’s bodies onto this corpse.”

“Sure, of course!”

Even though Zhong Nuannuan had turned him into an eunuch, Lei Peng was still happy when he heard that he did not have to die.

At this moment, his face had become pale due to excessive blood loss, but he still endured the severe pain and began to move his subordinates’ corpses.

Still, he did not understand why he had to move the corpses.

Since the corpse that had body-decomposing powder was in the center and was relatively close to almost all the other corpses, Lei Peng did not notice anything out of place when he piled the second corpse on top.

It was not until he piled up the fifth body that he suddenly discovered…

‘Huh? Why are there only three corpses?’

He quietly glanced at Zhong Nuannuan and thought to himself, did this woman want to torture him such that she deliberately removed two corpses?

What a pervert!

However, what could he do?

He felt hopeless!

Even if she wanted to prank him to death, he still had to take orders from her in exchange for that slightest hope of living, right?

Therefore, Lei Peng continued to move the bodies.

Even so, what in the world…

The woman stood in place and did not move much at all, so why was the number of corpses that he was piling on the ground still the same?

He moved a few more bodies as the body-decomposing powder below had spread onto the corpse, and the corpses were close together.