My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 490

Chapter 490: A United Front

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If she acted, he would definitely suffer massive memory loss.

Now that she had Yang Yi’s assurance, Zhong Nuannuan felt relieved.

“Well, I’ll believe you then.”

Yang Yi’s eyes lit up, and he immediately seized the opportunity to ask questions.

“Thank you, idol. Idol, how did you become so powerful? What was the thing you poured on the corpse earlier?”

Yang Yi, who was still an arrogant little brother a few days ago, had instantly transformed into a little fanboy now. He really admired Zhong Nuannuan to the point of no return.

“Didn’t you already hear everything just now?”

Yang Yi smiled in embarrassment, and continued to ask, “Where did you buy this body-decomposing powder from?”

“Why, do you want to buy it?”

Yang Yi nodded quickly. “Sometimes I have to help big boss handle some matters too, and some people’s bodies are not easily disposable. I think that your body-decomposing powder is very useful, so I was wondering if I can”

“It’s not sold outside. However, I can make some for you if you want.” Zhong Nuannuan’s attitude was considered quite good towards Big Brother Chi Yang’s loyal subordinate.

“What? You made it?” Yang Yi’s eyes brightened even more.

At this moment, he felt that his big boss was really skilled at finding a wife.

No wonder he treasured her so much.

If his future wife was that powerful, he would treasure her too!

When Lei Peng saw someone following Zhong Nuannuan, with that person looking like a martial practitioner, he knew that he was in for it.

Even if Zhong Nuannuan was not a devil, their affairs would definitely be exposed.

In any case, he had been really badly sabotaged by that b*tch, Ou Mingxi this time.

“Did you drive here?” Zhong Nuannuan asked Yang Yi.

“I didn’t drive, but I requisitioned a car and parked it outside.”

“Okay, go and drive the car in.”

That van was too shabby, so she did not want to sit in it.

Yang Yi hurriedly left to drive the car in.

Lei Peng was already trying his best to minimize his presence at this moment, hoping to escape a catastrophe, but when Zhong Nuannuan’s eyes were cast on him, he was still shocked.

“Can you locate the Azure Dragon Gang’s territory?”

“Yes! Yes!” Lei Peng nodded quickly.

“Then get in the car and take me to the Azure Dragon Gang.”

This issue was caused by the Azure Dragon Gang, so the Azure Dragon Gang had to give her an explanation.

Otherwise, there was no need for this gang to exist any longer.

If they could not even manage their subordinates properly, how could they still form a proper gang?

What nonsense was this?


Lei Peng did not dare to be negligent, so he hurriedly got into the car.

Yang Yi drove, Zhong Nuannuan sat in the passenger seat, and Lei Peng sat in the back seat alone.

Yang Yi was troubled.

Even cats would scratch people when they felt anxious, what more a small mafia boss in the back seat.

“Idol, isn’t it bad for him to sit in the back seat alone?”

“I don’t want to sit with him. He’s dirty.”

“How about… I’ll go sit next to him, it’s safer.”

“What are you afraid of? If he dares to move around, I’ll slice off whichever body part he dares lift!”

Yang Yi and Lei Peng were speechless.

Along the way, apart from moving his mouth to tell Yang Yi where to go, Lei Peng simply covered his wound with his hand and sat still, not daring to move an inch.

He was just a eunuch now. If he could survive, he would at least retain the ability to take care of himself. He was afraid that if he moved the slightest bit, he would not even have the ability to take care of himself after all this was over.

On the way, Zhong Nuannuan took out a foldable mask from her running bag and put it on her face. However, this time, she did not bring a Queen of Spades mask, but the mask of a smiling Maitreya Buddha.

Yang Yi was lost for words.