My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 492

Chapter 492: Stubborn

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“However, if you don’t leave, then don’t blame me for being unreasonable to guests and getting rid of you like the other pieces of garbage in the house.”

After he finished speaking, apart from the current Azure Dragon Gang leader and his diehard loyalists, more than one hundred people took a step forward.

Just as they stepped forward, the lackey next to the great elder also started to shout under his signal.

“One, two”

After saying “two” for a long time, but seeing that Zhong Nuannuan did not have the slightest intention of leaving, the lackey counted, “Three.”

After the third count, the great elder’s people drew all kinds of machetes from their waist.

They did not even have a gun…

The only gun was aimed at the head of the Azure Dragon Gang’s leader.

“It seems that this friend is a stubborn one! You can put down Lei Peng, so it shows that you have some capability. However, no matter how skilled a fighter you are, can you defeat the 200 men here?”

Zhong Nuannuan ignored the great elder completely, and asked, “Who is the big boss of the Azure Dragon Gang?”

“I am.” The great elder spoke.

“I’m asking for the true leader of the Azure Dragon Gang, before today.”

“It’s me.”

Hou Yunchen, who had a gun pointed at his head, slowly spoke.

This was a man who wore gold wire-framed glasses and meticulously arranged clothes. Compared with the image of the great elder, who had a bald head, fierce expression, broad neck, thick gold necklace, and a string of Buddhist beads on his wrist, the current leader of the Azure Dragon Gang looked just like a gentle scholar.

At this moment, although he had a gun pointed at his head, and his eyes burned with anger, he did not have the slightest bit of fear in him.

Hence, although he looked like a weak scholar instead of someone who was from the underworld, he seemed to be the one most comfortable in this kind of industry.

After all, people in the new era could not just rely on their appearances to convince the public.

Zhong Nuannuan turned, grabbed Lei Peng with her hands, then gently pushed him forward, causing Lei Peng to fall to the ground.

“Did you know that the daughter of Jiang District’s deputy governor, Ou Mingxi, hired your Azure Dragon Gang’s 4th Hall Master Lei Peng and his men to help her commit murder, whereby the job was to rape and kill?”

Hou Yunchen frowned slightly and asked angrily, “Hall Master Lei, have you accepted the order in secret?”

Although Lei Peng was not afraid of Hou Yunchen at all, he was afraid of the devil behind him! Thus, he was particularly careful when he answered, “I told the great elder about this when I took the order, and I accepted the order after the great elder agreed to it. Besides that, half of our orders’ rewards are given to the great elder.”

When Hou Yunchen heard this, what else was there to say? He sneered and replied, “Dai Zonghan, look at what your motley crowds have done? When my dad was alive, he had already declared the gang rules, saying that we were to refuse money from others to eliminate their problems, and nobody in the Azure Dragon Gang is allowed to take human lives at will. He did not approve of you opening separate branches and halls either. Great, now you’ve created some mob branches that specialize in murderous acts. You’ve gathered money for your own pockets, but poured a basin of sh*t on the Azure Dragon Gang’s name! Is this what you call ‘spreading the Azure Dragon Gang’s glory’?”

The great elder was verbally attacked, but he was not ashamed at all. The situation was clear now, as those who were on his side had already formed a team as it was way past the point of no return, so he had nothing to worry about.

“That’s right. I just wanted to accumulate money for myself and strengthen my own influence, what’s wrong with that? Starting today, the Azure Dragon Gang will be mine. My power has grown, which also means that the Azure Dragon Gang’s power has grown.”