My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 493

Chapter 493: Ruthless Deflowering

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“A person like your dad is simply not suited being the big boss of a mafia gang. As a mafia gang, if we don’t even dare to kill people, and can’t smuggle arms or drugs, then what are our brothers going to rely on to survive? Your dad’s brain is pretty wacky, and you’re even more retarded! Our brothers’ income is dropping by the day, so if I still don’t come to take control of the overall situation, the Azure Dragon Gang will die sooner or later! Everyone, do you agree?”

“Yes!” The great elder’s subordinates and people who had betrayed the gang leader said in unison.

However, discordant voices also rang out at this moment.

“Oh, really? I’m an outsider so I definitely won’t care about other issues, but my client, Miss Zhong Nuannuan, was almost raped and killed because of your policy of ‘taking people’s money to eliminate their problems’. Hence, if this matter is not resolved, forget expanding the Azure Dragon Gang, there is something else you have to deal with. A statement that corresponds to ‘taking people’s money to help eliminate disasters’ is’a debtor must pay his debt; a murderer must pay with his life’. Since you want to engage in such activities, then you also have to shoulder the responsibility of being avenged by others, am I right, new gang leader?”

As soon as Zhong Nuannuan’s voice fell, the square became pin-drop silent.

The great elder was completely angered by Zhong Nuannuan’s repeated provocations.

“Little girl, since today is my first day as a gang leader, I didn’t want to execute anyone except for Hou Yunchen, but you’ve repeatedly challenged my authority, so let me tell you: Yes, when I took the money, I was already prepared for the possibility that their peers might come back to avenge them. However, this vengeful spirit could not be yourself. I don’t care whether that person named Zhong Nuannuan really asked you to come over and wreak havoc, or whether you’re really one of Hou Yunchen’s people, but you’ve annoyed me today. Since you want to stand on Hou Yunchen’s side, don’t blame me for deflowering you ruthlessly. Oh, but you might be a man-eating flower anyway. Otherwise, with your good body figure, why bother putting on a mask are you too ashamed to meet people?”

“Hahahaha” The gang members immediately supported their new gang leader by jeering.

“Since this person wants to help Hou Yunchen regain his reputation, then everyone should pay some respect to her too!”

After he spoke, three strong men walked toward Zhong Nuannuan.

Upon seeing this, Yang Yi immediately stood in front of Zhong Nuannuan and kicked the three people in the face with a swift horizontal kick.

Two of the three people fell to the ground, and upon seeing this, the great elder narrowed his eyes slightly and sneered, “I was thinking why you still dared to come forward to die even with so many of us here, it seems that you really have a trick or two up your sleeve. What a pity though, even if you can knock down three people, can you knock down 30 of us?”

After that, he winked again at the people behind him, and after receiving his orders, the people behind yelled”Go!”

The 30 people who were closest to Yang Yi immediately surrounded him.

Zhong Nuannuan wanted to see how good Yang Yi was, so she observed the battle from the side. She noted his weaknesses and unpolished techniques.

Although Yang Yi was nothing compared to Zhong Nuannuan, this Azure Dragon Gang was just a mafia gang in Jiang District, while on a national scale, they could not even be ranked. Compared with the gang under Xu Feiyang’s command, whom she had saved in prison earlier, they were small-fry.

Therefore, even if 30 people got up to fight, Yang Yi could still deal with them easily.

The 30 people collapsed in less than 5 minutes. However, at the same time, Yang Yi was already starting to run out of breath.