My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 494

Chapter 494: Kill Yang Yi

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When the great elder saw that the 30 subordinates could not take Yang Yi down, he felt a little worried. Taking out the pistol from his coat, he quietly shot Yang Yi in the back.

Yang Yi was panting while, unbeknownst to him, the great elder had drawn his gun and had already pulled the trigger. He just stood there panting, looking at Zhong Nuannuan with eyes filled with the expression of a little fanboy asking for praise.

However, when he was met with a sharp, cold gaze instead of appreciation, Yang Yi suddenly felt a chill run down his spine.


The gunfire rang out, and Yang Yi wanted to escape, but found himself a step too slow.

Only a horrible scream was heard.

The bullet did not hit Yang Yi. Instead, the nerves in the great elder’s hand were directly sliced by a disposable acupuncture needle instead.

The pistol fell to the ground with a thud, and the great elder held his bloody wrist in pain while looking at Zhong Nuannuan with horror.

At this moment, his gaze no longer had any of the previous contempt and ridicule.

They were all from the underworld, and they all had a fighting skill or two, but he only saw the masked woman lightly raising her hand at the moment he pulled the trigger.

There were only two outsiders here, she and Yang Yi, so it was obvious who hurt him.

In fact, he also did not clearly see the moment she had raised her hand; he only knew that she had raised her hand because she later lowered her hand slowly.

Seeing the needle stuck in his wrist and the damaged nerves in his hand, the great elder’s eyes were filled with alarm.

This woman… was even better than the man!

“Although I don’t understand why you didn’t aim at his head and heart, but instead aimed at his shoulder blade, I won’t thank you. This person belongs to me, and anyone who tries to hurt my people in front of me has committed a cardinal sin. However, before we talk about this, new gang leader, can we now talk about your gang taking people’s money to help eliminate their problems?”

The grand elder was shocked! He had clearly been aiming at Yang Yi’s head just now! He wanted a headshot!

Fortunately, the woman found an excuse to help him out, so he deduced that her move earlier was simply a stroke of luck for himself.

However, he also knew that it was not easy to push this woman around, so Since the other party hzc saved him some dignity and provided an excuse for him, then he would also do the same!

This was how a wonderful misunderstanding was born.

As for Zhong Nuannuan, after activating her X-ray vision, she would not even make a 0.01 millimeter error. The distance between the head and shoulders, and the heart and right shoulder were all more than 20 centimeters apart, so only a pig could miss. Hence, she did not know that the other party thought she was sparing him some dignity at all.

“My little friend, I didn’t expect your ability to be this strong. Well, since you spared me from shame, I’ll also do the same. We did receive the order from Deputy Governor Ou’s daughter and got 5 million yesterday. I can return that 5 million back to you, and the 5 million with Lei Peng will also be returned to you. Regardless of what happened to Miss Zhong Nuannuan, we’ll not interfere with each other’s business from now on, and if anyone tries to use the Azure Dragon Gang to kill her or rape her, we will promptly turn them away. What do you think?”


Zhong Nuannuan coldly gave the great elder a cold laugh.

“How shameless can you be to think that I’m sparing you from shame? Who do you think you are, thinking that you can gain some dignity from me? I’ve already said that since you think it’s natural and righteous to accept people’s money to help them eliminate their problems, then paying your debts and paying for it with your life is also justified. Regardless of whether Zhong Nuannuan was harmed or not, my debt collection today is justified.”