My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 496

Chapter 496: Disdain

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The moment the silver needles hit them, they lost the strength to stand up as everyone fell to the ground.

There were too many people falling, such that those behind them became afraid. As long as they were within 5 meters of Zhong Nuannuan, she would target them.

The great elder saw that Zhong Nuannuan was getting closer and closer to him, but no one was approaching him to help him. Hence, he shouted in shock, “Throw knives at her! Hit her with bricks! As long as your distance between her is more than five meters, she can’t hurt you!”

The great elder and everyone had forgotten about Zhong Nuannuan slicing his hand when he was more than ten meters away.

Those with weapons in their hands used their knives as darts in an attempt to throw them at Zhong Nuannuan.

However, Zhong Nuannuan seemed to have eyes on her back, and she directly fired the needles into their brains.

She had already let them go once or twice, but they still wanted to tempt death. Therefore, unfortunately for this wave, Queen Nuannuan went berserk; compared with the previous group of people who could still pull out the silver needle after it was inserted, but simply could not stand up, this batch of people could no longer open their eyes again after they were hit by the silver needles.

The rest of the people who were carrying bricks nearby in an attempt to use them as grenades quickly threw away the bricks in their hands, squatted down with their hands over their heads, and begged for forgiveness.

In the blink of an eye, only the great elder remained standing in the square.

The great elder was appalled!

Seeing the woman approaching him, the great elder knelt on the ground desperately. “Goddess, Your Majesty the Queen, I was blind to your capabilities and offended you. Just let me go this time! I promise that I’ll be absolutely loyal to you in the future, and that the entire Azure Dragon Gang will also be loyal to you!”

Zhong Nuannuan sneered. “He’s the leader of the Azure Dragon Gang, not you, so how can you give me a guarantee?”

“I I am the current leader of the Azure Dragon Gang.”

“Are you the only member of this gang? Ask them if they acknowledge you. If they do, I’ll acknowledge you!”

After saying that, Zhong Nuannuan glanced at the gang holding their heads, begging for mercy, and the gang standing behind Hou Yunchen.

However, no one dared to respond.

After all, this woman was here to find faults. Besides that, the reason for the incident was because the great elder took the hitman job, so it was likely that this woman would never acknowledge him.

“Goddess, please spare me! Please treat me as a fart and let me go!”

“Let you go? Didn’t you say that you were ready to receive retaliation back when you accepted other’s money to eliminate their problems? Why is it that when revenge is here, you’re kneeling and begging for people to let you go?”

After that, Zhong Nuannuan was too lazy to speak with him any further. She kicked the knife on the ground, causing the knife to fly up, directly stabbing into the great elder’s heart.

The great elder’s eyes widened as he looked at the knife stuck in his heart in disbelief. He was dazed.

At this moment, he finally regretted not listening to the words of his former gang leader; He had always felt that since there were so many people in the Azure Dragon Gang, even if he were arrested, he would not be the one who would end up in jail nor bear the repercussions. In his mind, all he needed to do was collect the paychecks.

However, now he knew what it meant to pay for a life with a life.


It was too late.

The great elder soon died, and Zhong Nuannuan looked at Hou Yunchen. “I disdain small gangs like the Azure Dragon Gang, but since I saved you, apart from giving me the Azure Dragon Gang, you have to fulfill your other promise.”

“Miss, apart from being a mafia gang, our Azure Dragon Gang also has many other properties, so if you take over the Azure Dragon Gang, you will not only take over the gang’s members, but also all the industries under the Azure Dragon Gang’s name.”