My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 73

Chapter 73: Imprisonment

“To put it bluntly, as things stand, the Second Miss has no sense of shame at all! If we were forced to choose, I prefer Second Miss who wears the cold and distant dead-person persona everyday.”

Zhong Qianqian turned her attention to Jiang Shuwan, asking, “Mum, she hasn’t found out about anything, has she?”

Jiang Shuwan was scared out of her wits. “That that can’t be!”

“Then why is she behaving this way all of a sudden?”

“Humph. If she has changed, so be it. Even if she finds out that I’m not her mum, what can she possibly do?” Jiang Shuwan put on a look as if to say that she had nothing to lose.

“If she knows that you’re not her mother, what awaits you may well be imprisonment! You can choose not to become a good mother to her, but if she ever learns the truth, don’t expect me to bail you out!”

The main door was not closed. Zhong Kuijun had a meeting at the administrative office and came home earlier than expected. He had only just entered the house when he heard the three women whispering behind Zhong Nuannuan’s back.

Jiang Shuwen nearly jumped out of her skin. She rubbed her chest and stood up whilst saying, “Oh my god, you scared me. Why are you back so early today?”

“Jiang Shuwan, I’m warning you. You better not let Nuannuan notice that anything is amiss and perform your duty as a mother well. If she notices that anything is wrong, don’t blame me for disregarding our relationship as husband and wife when you’re eventually caught!”

Jiang Shuwan was uncomfortable at getting reprimanded. She also held some fears in her heart. Thus, she explained sheepishly, “I know, I know! I’ve been doing well, haven’t I? I even bought her a 300-thousand-bucks gown today! Just earlier, she swindled me out of 3000 bucks, claiming that she wants to buy a phone. In the end, she kept the money in her purse.”

“3000? What sort of phone can you buy with 3000? Don’t you know that a low-end S5 model cost more than 5000?”

“She’s only a student. Why does she need such an expensive phone?”

“So, is Qianqian not a student then? Why is Qianqian using an S5 then? She even bought two!”


Zhong Kuijun shoved her finger at Jiang Shuwan’s nose and growled, “I’m warning you, Jiang Shuwan. Nuannuan is my biological daughter! I’ll let bygones be bygones. I won’t blame you for what you’ve done in the past, but since you’ve inherited the money, you should treat her and my daughter well. Don’t put her in unfavorable situations when it comes to petty things like this! I hope during moments when you grow tired of her, you will recall the time she saved Qianqian when she was little.

“This will be the last time! If I find out that you’re deducting Nuannuan’s pocket money again, mark my words, I’ll cut off your brother and his family’s income immediately.”

Jiang Shuwan and Zhong Qianqian paled. They clammed up sulkily.

After this, Zhong Kuijun turned his attention to Aunty Zhao. “And you! You’re merely a servant in the Zhong family. If you’re a servant, you must behave like one. If I hear any of those words coming out of your mouth again, you can pack up and get lost.”

After saying this, Zhong Kuijun went upstairs and into his study. With a loud bang, he slammed the door shut.

“Second Miss, someone’s asking for you downstairs.”

When the sound of Aunty Zhao’s footsteps reached the door, Zhong Nuannuan quickly switched the screen.


“It’s Sir Ning. Master is already downstairs keeping Sir Ning company.”

“I got it.”

Upon hearing that the person was Ning Wenhao, Zhong Nuannuan hurried downstairs.

“Nuannuan, First Lieutenant Ning is looking for you. He says that Chi Yang has sent him to hand something over to you.”

When Ning Wenhao saw Zhong Nuannuan, he immediately stood up and greeted her, “How are you doing, sister-in-law!”

Although Chi Yang was not the one standing in front of her eyes, she was delighted.

“Hello. Why are you here alone? Where’s Chi Yang?”