My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 74

Chapter 74: A Gift From Chi Yang

“Big Boss’ plate is full these few days. Hence, he can only send me to meet you, sis-in-law.”

Zhong Kuijun explained, “These past few days, the entire military base has been observing the special forces soldiers training and drilling. Chi Yang’s all tied up.”

Zhong Nuannuan nodded. She turned her gaze to Ning Wenhao and asked, “Did he ask you to come and meet me?”

“Mm.” Ning Wenhao nodded. “Big boss has prepared a gift for you. Sister-in-law, give me a minute, I’ll go retrieve it from the car.”

A second later, he went out.

“What’s going on? So secretive,” Beside her, Zhong Qianqian muttered.

She would have been very curious if this had happened in the past. She would have also been green with envy that Chi Yang had personally sent someone to bring Zhong Nuannuan a gift.

However, now she had Aiden. Her Aiden was Tianheng Holdings’ general manager. When she came home earlier, she searched the internet and discovered that Aiden was not just a general manager. On top of the general manager title, he had yet another titleTianheng Holdings’ Vice President.

Vice president!

A vice president who was ranked first too!

This implied that Aiden’s shares were directly under Tianheng Holdings’ president!

Tianheng Holdings was a major consortium with a net worth of hundreds of billions!

With a tycoon boyfriend like Aiden to back her up, why did she have to get green-eyed over a gift from a beggarly soldier?

Shortly after, Ning Wenhao returned, this time with a large, delicate box in his hands.

“This is a gift from Big Boss. He can’t come in person, therefore he asked me to make this trip. Sister-in-law, don’t hold Big Boss accountable, alright?”

Seeing that she had received a gift, a gift given by Chi Yang, no less, Zhong Nuannuan was elated as warmth filled her heart.

“How can I? Tell him that I’m thrilled to receive his gift!”

“Alright! I’ll leave you to it then. Big Boss is expecting my report about this.”

“Take care then!”

After setting the gift on the table, both Zhong Nuannuan and Zhong Kuijun sent Ning Wenhao off together.

As Ning Wenhao got into the car, Zhong Nuannuan suddenly asked, “Um Can you give me Chi Yang’s phone number?”

She looked ashamed. During the six years they had been together, never once had she spent any effort to remember Chi Yang’s phone number. Every time she changed her phone, Chi Yang would save his phone number in her phone for her. Whenever she wanted to give him a call, she only needed to tap on his name. Therefore, she had absolutely no idea what his phone number was.

Ning Wenhao laughed. “Of course. I don’t have to give it to you, though. Sister-in-law, there’s a phone in the present from Big Boss. He has saved his phone number in it.”

Zhong Nuannuan was in a daze. Then, a hint of delight arose from within her heart.

After sending Ning Wenhao away, Zhong Nuannuan turned and bolted back in hurriedly. She had just entered the house when she caught Zhong Qianqian sneakily tearing open her gift box.

“Chi Yang gave that to me!”

Zhong Nuannuan bolted in front of Zhong Qianqian and snatched the gift box away, holding it in her embrace.

Zhong Qianqian lips curled into a sneer. “It’s just a lame gift box, isn’t it? You’re holding it like it’s some kind of treasure. Seriously, you’re acting like it’s your first time every receiving a gift.”

Seeing that the sisters were about to start a fight again, Zhong Kuijun’s head started throbbing. Thus, he quickly changed the subject, “Nuannuan, what did Chi Yang give you? Dad wants to see it too!”

“Alright.” The corner of Zhong Nuannuan’s lips curled up in an insuppressible smile. Tenderly and carefully, she opened up the gift box.

Curiosity was eating away at Zhong Qianqian and Jiang Shuwan inside as they leaned over. When they saw the gown lying in the gift box, their eyes widened. They could not stop themselves from letting out a soft ‘ah’.