My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 78

Chapter 78: Investigate Chi Yang

After all, Aiden was the Vice President cum General Manager of Tianheng Holdings’ international headquarters. He must be swarmed with a myriad of affairs every day, so it should be normal for him to miss phone calls.

If he did not like her, he would not have pulled Zhong Nuannuan aside to ask about her.

With that in mind, Zhong Qianqian reassured herself and managed to calm down.

If she wanted to be a distinguished and noble socialite, she must learn to be reserved and poised. She could not afford to repeat the same mistake as she did before with Chi Yang.

As the old saying went, ‘a watched pot never boils’. She must be patient in order to accomplish her goal.

She would wait for Aiden to take the initiative to call her back and ask her out. Only then would she proceed with her next move.

Jiang Shuwan soon realized that she would only be bringing contempt upon herself after lashing out on Zhong Kuijun, so she quickly returned to the house. She rushed to the kitchen and prepared a tray of fruits for him. She even fed him the pieces bite by bite. Then, she finally spoke, “My dear Kuijun, do you really not know Chi Yang’s true identity?”

“What are you planning again this time? Let me tell you this, Chi Yang will never fall for Zhong Qianqian. Both of you should just forget about it!”

“Tsk!” Jiang Shuwan pouted and continued, “Our darling Qianqian already has another pursuer. It’s Aiden! Who cares about that other guy now!”

“Then why are you asking about him?”

“I’m just genuinely wondering if you’re pretending to not know Chi Yang’s true identity.”

“Is it really necessary for me to pretend? What are you trying to say?”

A glimmer flashed across Jiang Shuwan’s eyes as she did some mental calculations. “Do you know how much Chi Yang spent on that dress for Nuannuan?”

“How much?”

“7.5 million!”


“It’s a custom-made gown designed by the head designer of Venia himself! We only know the price of the gown, but the shoes didn’t look cheap either.” Jiang Shuwan proceeded to tell him what had happened at the Venia shop today.

“No matter how hardworking a 26-year-old military officer is, it would be almost impossible for him to become a captain through hard work alone. It’s obvious that he comes from a certain background, but we’re just not sure how high status his background is.”

As Zhong Kuijun remained silent, Jiang Shuwan took it as a good sign to continue talking. “You didn’t want to investigate Chi Yang before, but looking at the 7.5 million haute couture gown that he gifted Zhong Nuannuan today, I think you should meet with the chief of staff tomorrow.”

Noticing a flash of anger in Zhong Kuijun’s eyes, Jiang Shuwan quickly added, “Don’t be angry and let me finish first! You just need to meet with his chief and tell him about this incident. Express your worry that Chi Yang might have acquired the money from a questionable source, perhaps he had even violated certain rules in order to get this large sum. After all, he’s about to become your son-in-law, so it’s only right for you to act cautiously. You can’t possibly ask Chi Yang about it straight to his face, and that’s why you decided to consult his chief.

“The chief of staff should be informed of all his ins and outs. Who knows, he might even tell you Chi Yang’s identity right off the bat! I’m guessing that Chi Yang comes from quite a good background! Don’t forget, you’re getting old yourself. The chances of you getting a promotion are getting lower as time goes by. If Chi Yang’s family really is of high status, they might give you the support and boost you need. You might be able to take another one or two steps forward. If you were to become a general, imagine the honor you will bring to Zhong family.”

Zhong Kuijun’s eyes shone brightly after listening to Jiang Shuwan’s speech.

He had been eyeing the position of the director of equipment operations for some time now, but it was a high military division rank. As Jiang Shuwan said, it was difficult for him to get a promotion.

If he could receive support from Chi Yang’s family, he could become a general and maybe even a major general. Then, his dream of becoming the director of equipment operations would be fulfilled. His life would be perfect.

At night. Jiang Shuwan called Zhong Qianqian and Zhong Nuannuan down for dinner.

Having received Chi Yang’s present, Zhong Nuannuan was filled with so much joy that she ate an extra bowl of rice.

Zhong Qianqian, on the other hand, was clearly bothered.