My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 80

Chapter 80: Free Lunch

“Of course, I’ll go! It’s the big boss’s banquet, so I’ll definitely attend!”

“What are you going to do about Zhong Qianqian? Do you still want to be my brother-in-law?”

On the other end of the call, Aiden’s face changed. “Big boss, you know that I only like beauties. I thought that you had a good relationship with your sister. In the end Big boss, I was wrong. You taught me that there’s no free lunch, and we can’t reap without sowing.”

“You’ve been flirting so much today, do your eyes hurt now?”

“Big boss, please. I’m eating dinner. I’m going to vomit if you keep saying that.”

While listening to Aiden’s pleas, Zhong Nuannuan recalled how much he had wanted to be her brother-in-law. She laughed out loud.

“Oh right, big boss”

Aiden wanted to say that his partner, Selina, was there, but Zhong Nuanuan had an incoming call. The caller ID showed that it was her fiance calling. She was ecstatic and immediately hung up on Aiden.

“Hello? Hello?”

Seeing how easy it had been for Zhong Nuannuan to hang up on him, Aiden felt that the distance between him and his big boss was getting bigger.



“Yeah, I’m here.”

“Were you in another call earlier? Am I disturbing you?”

“No, it was just an insurance agent.”

“Have you eaten?”

Zhong Nuannuan could hear the sound of a cello coming from the other end of the phone. Her smile grew even bigger.

“I’ve eaten. Have you?”

“I’ve eaten too.”

When Zhong Nuannuan was thinking about how to continue the conversation, Chi Yang asked, “What did you have for dinner?”

“I had braised beltfish, roasted pork belly, steamed sea bass, boiled shrimp, and kimchi soup.”

“Are you full?” Chi Yang continued asking.

“A little bit.”

“If you’re full, you should take a walk around the neighborhood to improve your digestion. Don’t lie down after you eat. The food will retain in your stomach due to indigestion, do you understand?”

“I understand.”

When Zhong Nuannuan wanted to ask Chi Yang the same question, Chi Yang asked her again, “Have you tried on the gown?”

“I did!”

“Does it fit?”

“Yeah, it does. The color suits me too. Ye Mengxi might just die from anger if I wear it this weekend.”

“Zhong Qianqian too. Wouldn’t she be the one to die from anger first? She’s such a jealous person.”

“Hehe, I don’t think she has the time to get jealous of me. After all, the general manager of Tianheng Holdings is showing an interest in her.”

“Oh? What happened?”

Zhong Nuannuan told Chi Yang about her meeting with Aiden today at Tianheng Holdings. Of course, she did not tell him that Aiden was her brother and that she was the chairman of Tianheng Holdings.

“I’ve heard about Tianheng Holdings and Aiden. They had seemingly appeared out of nowhere five years ago. Their stores are everywhere around the world now. However, there are a lot of rumors about Aiden. He changes his girlfriends almost as often as he changes his clothes. I heard that he is generous though. Each time he breaks up with a girl, they would receive a gift from him. Materialistic girls like Zhong Qianqian who loves to compare herself with others will be compatible with him”

He continued to talk without waiting for Zhong Nuannuan’s reply. “You have to distance yourself from people like Aiden. He’s dangerous.”