My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 82

Chapter 82: Write A Draft

Even though it was an order, Zhong Nuannuan could sense that he was jealous.

Actually, he had only said so many things about Tianheng Holdings to make his point that Aiden was a bad man and that she should not get close to him, right?

After understanding what Chi Yang’s words meant, Zhong Nuannuan replied, “Don’t worry, I have a fiance. Why would I want to get close to him? Even if I have to, it’s because of our family relations. Don’t worry, Brother Chi Yang. I’ll just let Zhong Qianqian do whatever she wants. It’s none of my business. Aside from you, I won’t fall in love with any other man.”

Aside from you, I won’t fall in love with any other man

Chi Yang felt that his heart was going to explode. This sentence took over his whole world, and it was the only thing that brought him joy.

The two of them talked on the phone for two hours. They did not take any breaks in between.

After hanging up the phone, Zhong Nuannuan felt strange.

Was that really the same man who would end a conversation after just saying two sentences?

He was making fast progress.

At the same time, this man whom Zhong Nuannuan had just been praising could not wipe off the huge grin on his face. He took the remote control and turned off the air conditioner in his office.

After just five sentences into the phone conversation, he had already started to sweat.

While he was initially nervous, he soon began enjoying talking to her over the phone. He was pleased with his own progress.

After two whole hours of talking, he hung up the phone and found that he had stopped sweating.

“Chen Ke.”

The guard outside the door stepped in after hearing the director-general call him.


“Take two days off for the weekend.”

“Ah?” Chen Ke was confused.

Chi Yang took out two sheets of A4 paper from his desk. Words filled the two pages of documents.

Chen Ke looked at them and understood immediately. He smiled and showed off his pearly whites.

“Director-general, any progress?”

“I talked to my partner for two hours,” Chi Yang bragged.

“Director-general, you’re amazing. I couldn’t even talk to my wife for that long when I first started talking to her.”

“Alright, go home and accompany your wife this weekend.”

“Thank you, director-general! Congratulations, director-general!”

Chen Ke was ecstatic after getting two days of holiday. All he had done was give the director-general some stupid ideas, but who knew that they worked! After congratulating the director-general, he gleefully went back to his post.

Chi Yang looked at the two sheets of paper on his desk. He could not stop smiling.

He had started to miss his wife in the afternoon, so when Ning Wenhao told him that he had already delivered the new phone, Chi Yang wanted to call his wife.

However, he remembered that they had problems expressing their feelings for each other. He was also unhappy that he was unable to express his longing for her.

Song Qing was single, so Chi Yang did not ask him for advice. However, he knew that the guard on duty, Chen Ke, had just gotten married last year. Plus, that man was able to coax his wife well. That was why he had gone to Chen Ke for ideas prior to the call.

Despite being young, he could not catch up to Chen Ke’s EQ.

After listening to his troubles, Chen Ke gave him three words, “Write a draft!”

Even though they said that you did not have to draft a lie, but every time Chi Yang and Zhong Nuannuan talked, he would struggle to get the right words out. That was why he had to write a draft.