My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 83

Chapter 83: Compensate Your Eq With Iq

It was just like giving a speech. Even though the words seemed to flow well, but it was only because he had memorized the contents after drafting an outline.

If you were to run out of things to say, you could just move on to the next topic. As long as you had an outline, the transition would be smooth and flawless. If you were to run out of words to say for the second time, then you could move on to the third topic.

Chi Yang looked at the forty-eight topics he had listed out. Those topics allowed him to spend two hours and three minutes talking to Zhong Nuannuan. This broke his record of the longest phone conversation he ever had with someone.

In order to ensure more quality phone calls with his wife in the future, Chi Yang began to seriously analyze the phone conversation he just had with Zhong Nuannuan.

Even though his EQ was not high, he could compensate for that with his IQ.

After analyzing his data, he found out what sort of topics his wife was interested in and which were the ones that they had in common.

Then, he started drafting the outline for their next phonecall. He listed down some topics that his wife would not be interested in but were ones that they needed to talk about.

In order to make everything seem natural, Chi Yang added some sentence connectors. He also thought of ways to combine his talking points so that he could say them more smoothly. He did not want his wife to think that they were in a meeting.

Of course, Zhong Nuannuan had no idea that Chi Yang was doing all this for her sake. She only thought that it was sweet of him to entertain her on the phone for so long and was impressed with his progress.

She leaned against her bed with a book in her hands. She was so distracted after the phone call that she could not even finish reading a page.

At this moment, Zhong Qianqian was extremely anxious and irascible. She was smashing everything in her sight that was not valuable onto the floor.

She had called Aiden at four in the afternoon, but it was already ten o’clock at night and he had yet to call her. He had not even taken the time to reply to her message.

Zhong Qianqian was terrified.

Did Aiden think that they were not compatible anymore?


Did Zhong Nuannuan talk bad about her in front of Aiden before her mother had the chance to go over and eavesdrop on their conversation?

It would not be a surprise if Zhong Nuannuan hated her because of what had happened with Chi Yang. She must have talked bad about her in front of Aiden!

How could she believe that Zhong Nuannuan would put in some good words for her?

Her mother had heard Zhong Nuannuan telling Aiden that Zhong Qianqian did not have a fianc, so he was free to go after her. Perhaps Aiden had intended to be with Zhong Nuannuan, but upon discovering that she was already married to Chi Yang, he decided to go for Zhong Qianqian instead.

She was so stupid!

The more she thought about it, the more she felt that it was likely to have happened. Zhong Qianqian went to look for Jiang Shuwan and told her about this matter.

Upon hearing Zhong Qianqian’s speculation, she felt that it was possible too. She was so angry that she could almost spray venom out of her eyes.

“Call him with Aunty Zhao’s phone. We’ll see if he picks up.”

Zhong Qianqian felt that this was a good idea. She anxiously followed Jiang Shuwan to Aunty Zhao’s room.

When she was holding the phone, Zhong Qianqian was hesitant. “Mom, what should I do if he picks up immediately after I call him? What should I say? If he picks up, I I’d be so upset that I could die.”

Looking at her daughter’s sad face, Jiang Shuwan felt horrible as well.

“Qianqian, you have to know that Aiden is not a normal person. He’s a million times better than Chi Yang. His social status is well-regarded not only in Camino, but also around the world.”