My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 85

Chapter 85: The Woman With Aiden

Zhong Qianqian was ashamed. She did not know how to handle the situation on hand, especially with the woman’s aloof behavior.

“I” Zhong Qianqian did not know what to say. At that moment, her mind was blank. Her heart was being sliced into pieces by this woman.

Jiang Shuwan could not watch her daughter act like this for a second more, so she snatched the phone from Zhong Qianqian’s hand and said into it, “Who are you then? Are you his wife? If not, why are you picking up Aiden’s phone? Why do you need to ask about Aiden’s friends? What does it matter to you if we’re looking for him? Even if you’re his wife, it’s none of your business. I am Aiden’s senior. Are you going to ask me how I met Aiden too, miss? Miss, please hand Aiden’s phone over to him right this instant. I have something to say to him.”

Jiang Shuwan was coming in hot. She even managed to scare off the other party. When the unknown woman on the other end of the call was faced with Jiang Shuwan’s questions, she could not come up with a response. Instead, the sound of music from a nightclub could be heard.

After a while, someone spoke into the phone. It was Aiden. “Hello, who’s this?”

When she heard Aiden’s voice, Zhong Qianqian snatched back the phone immediately. Her face was red as she called out shyly, “Aiden, good evening.”

Aiden’s soft voice sounded from the other end of the phone, “It’s Qianqian! Good evening. Wait, it’s too noisy here. I’m going outside so that I can talk to you better.”

“Alright.” Zhong Qianqian felt like her heart was about to leap out of her mouth.

Aiden had called her Qianqian just now and not Miss Qianqian!

“Qianqian, why are you looking for me?”

“Oh, I just wanted to tell you that the banquet this weekend is on Sunday at twelve noon. It’ll be held at my house. The address is at Left Bank Town on Long Rich Road. You can just tell the property management that you’re attending the banquet of the Zhong Family.”

“Alright. I’ll definitely see you there. Would you be my date on that day?”

Zhong Qianqiann was so happy that she almost jumped up. She suppressed the joy in her heart and replied politely, “Of course.”

“Aiden, are you not done yet? They’re calling you now!”

The sweet voice from earlier appeared again. When Zhong Qianqian heard this, she felt as if someone had just stuffed feces into her heart that was full of joy just a second ago. She could not describe how she was feeling at the moment.

“Who’s the girl who picked up your phone for you?”

“She’s just a friend. Please don’t misunderstand,” Aiden explained.

She was just a friend. Just a friend!

He even asked her to not misunderstand.

Jiang Shuwan furiously typed out another message on her phone for Zhong Qianqian to read. ‘See, I told you! She’s just a fly that has nothing to do with him at all. You didn’t have to be scared.’

Zhong Qianqian could finally feel relieved. She was happy once more.

“Okay, I won’t misunderstand. Ah, right, I called you twice this afternoon. Did you see my missed calls?”

“Hm? Did you call me? I didn’t get any of your calls.”

Zhong Qianqian, “!”

“Aiden!” The sweet voice sounded once again.

“I’ll see you this weekend. My friends are waiting for me.”

Even though Zhong Qianqian wanted to find out what was going on and why he had not seen her calls, Aiden said that he needed to end the phone call.

However, she did receive some sort of explanation from Aiden, so she was still quite pleased about that.

“Alright, goodbye.”

“Bye, Qianqian.”

Aiden was a gentleman, so he did not hang up first. Zhong Qianqian waited for two seconds and saw that the other party was still waiting for her, so she moved her thumb to press the red button on the screen.

However, right as she was about to hang up, the sweet voice from before said, “Just now you said that I’m your”