My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 87

Chapter 87: Respect

“A few years after that, your mother supported her maternal family and helped the Gu family in Jiang District to become one of the richest and most famous families in Emperor District. Eighteen years ago, your mother gave birth to your brother with a different man. Sixteen years ago, she gave birth to your sister. Five years ago, the entire Gu family moved to Emperor District.”

“What brother and sister?”

“She married another man right after abandoning you and your father. We don’t need this kind of mother and family.”

Selina was just like Zhong Nuannuan in her previous life. They both had family crises. Even though Selina did not die because of her family, she did lose her spark for life. She was completely and utterly destroyed by the Gu Family.

Although Zhong Nuannuan was well aware that her buddies were all longing for a family in this lifetime, Zhong Nuannuan still played along with Selina’s stubborn mouth and spoke badly of her family.

There is no disappointment without hope.

Or rather, if one did not have high hopes, they would not be hurt as deeply when they were disappointed.

“Big boss, I heard about your situation from Aiden. You must be very sad.”

After their big boss saved them from danger, she had promised them a normal life. She promised them familial love too.

She remembered how beautiful her big boss’s eyes were at that moment.

“There’s nothing to be sad about. Selina, we’ve experienced a lot of sh*t, but that only makes us stronger than the average person. In this world, nothing can drag us down. Even though we all long for familial love, we can’t force it upon ourselves.

We have this precious friendship with one another, and we’ve built magnificent businesses. Not a lot of people can have what we have. Don’t you think that we’re each other’s family after experiencing so many things together?

There are schemes and destruction in families too, but we’re still able to be there for one another. We can trust each other. It’s good if we can all experience that kind of family love, but even if we can’t, it’s nothing to be sad about. It’s their biggest loss to have left us, don’t you think so?”

Selina said, “Big boss, I respect you so much! Aiden told me that not only is your stepmother enjoying your mother’s inheritance, but she had also abandoned you when you were three. Now, she is pretending to be your mother and wants Zhong Qianqian to replace you. When I heard that, I almost went to the Zhong family house to kill both her and Zhong Qianqian.

You had wanted so badly to go back to your home. You had been longing for your family. I was so afraid that you would get upset because of how things turned out. But now, I’m relieved after hearing your inspiring words. Big boss, you really are someone who’s able to lead us out of our misery!”

Selina was praising Zhong Nuannuan so much that Zhong Nuannuan felt like she had grown a pair of wings and was soaring through the sky.

Listening to Selina’s voice that was slowly getting more and more cheerful, Zhong Nuannuan smiled.

Even though Selina was three years older than her, she had always acted as her little fan around her. They shared the same preferences, habits, and even tastebuds.

That was why when Zhong Nuannuan was feeling down over her family matters, Selina felt the same way.

In this life, she wanted to set a good example for Selina right from the start. She believed that when Selina meets the weirdos from her maternal family, she would not be as miserable as she was in her past life.

“Right, big boss. I heard Aiden say that you have a fiance?”

“Why? Do you want to make fun of me too? Yeah, my fiance is a soldier. My dream is to be able to get into a medical school.”