My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 89

Chapter 89: Chi Yangs Identity

Qu Mingyi laughed and pointed at Zhong Kuijun. “Your wife is one of the shareholders of Jiang Group. Why are you so stingy?”

Zhong Kuijun laughed as well. The air around them was harmonious.

In the military base, everyone was well acquainted with one another. However, the new commander in chief was an exception.

Chief of staff Qu was a smart old fox. He could get along with anybody. However, he was upright and plainspoken. If one were to offend him, he would still put on a cheerful facade but would harbor evil intentions toward whoever it was who had triggered him. He would then destroy that person when they had their back turned toward him.

In front of Qu Mingyi, Zhong Kuijun pretended to be an upright and plainspoken person as well. He wanted to show his devotion to his job.

Despite having Jiang Group’s support, he would still do his job cautiously. Even though he had not contributed a lot to the army, no one had information that could be used against him.

That was why Qu Mingyi was good to him.

Qu Mingyi’s rank was also much higher than Zhong Kuijun’s. Needless to say, there was a huge gap when it came to their salaries. There was no need for Zhong Kuijun to treat Qu Mingyi to a fancy meal. A simple one would show that he was not a sycophant.

Looking at the three dishes on the table, Qu Mingyi was speechless, but he felt pleasant at the same time.

“Old man Zhong, what do you need me for?”

Zhong Kuijun looked around. When he was sure that no one was eavesdropping, he asked frankly, “Chief of staff Qu, I have to get to the bottom of something.”

“Oh? What is it?”

“Chi Yang What’s his background like?”

After noticing Qu Mingyi’s startled expression, Zhong Kuijun added, “Chi Yang is steadfast, smart, hardworking, and brave. I have been a soldier for my whole life, but I can’t compete with him. However, as great as he is, he’s only 26. Chief of staff Qu, I’ve been a soldier for so long, but I’ve never seen a 26-year-old captain. Please tell me what’s his background.”

Qu Mingyi was eating, but when he heard what Zhong Kuijun asked, he placed down his chopsticks.

“Old man Zhong, there are some matters that you should not poke your nose into. You’re an experienced leader in the military base. Don’t you know about this basic rule?”

“Of course I do! That’s why I didn’t mention anything when he had suddenly appeared and replaced me as captain. I believe that the organization has its own plans. He’s indeed stronger than me in a lot of areas, but”

Zhong Kuijun wanted to say something. but stopped himself. When he made sure that Qu Mingyi was not going to say anything, he continued, “Chi Yang’s marriage report was approved by you and the commander in chief. If that’s the case, then you should know that his partner is my youngest daughter, Zhong Nuannuan, right?”

Qu Mingyi smiled and said, “Of course. Whenever Chi Yang meets me, he would talk about his partner. What’s the phrase for this again? Right, ‘feeding dog food’. (T/N: When a couple acts all lovey-dovey in front of their single friends.) Whenever that kid comes to me for something, he would stuff a handful of dog food into my mouth. My mouth would then taste bitter for the whole day.”

Zhong Kuijun laughed. “Chi Yang and Nuannuan have a good relationship between them. As a father, I’m glad that they’re so close to each other.”

Then, Zhong Kuijun made a turn in the conversation. “However, Chi Yang is too good for my Nuannuan. As a father, I’m a little scared.”