My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 90

Chapter 90: Being Sexy Is Not Being Flirty

“Oh? What’s wrong?”

After a moment’s hesitation, Zhong Kuijun said, “We’re having a banquet at our house on Sunday.”

“Yeah, I heard that it’s Nuannuan’s welcome dinner. The commander in chief and I will be attending.”

“Yesterday, Chi Yang asked Ning Wenhao to deliver a gown for Nuannuan. He also gifted her a pair of shoes and a cell phone.”

“Hahaha, you’ve also been fed dog food too, father-in-law?”

“No way! When I saw the gown and phone, I was happy for Nuannuan. However, my wife and eldest daughter’s faces changed.”

“Oh? Why is that?”

“When Nuannuan and my oldest daughter went back to their rooms, my wife told me that the three of them had gone to Tianheng Holdings to buy gowns. In the end, I found out that Chi Yang had personally asked the CEO cum head designer of Venia to custom-make a gown for Nuannuan. Do you know how much the gown he gifted Nuannuan cost?”

“A few millions?” Qu Mingyi knew his stuff. He had heard of this brand.

“7.5 million!”


“That’s why I’m scared! Chief of staff Qu, you know that my wife’s brother is the chairman of Cloud Group. Both of them have a close relationship with one another, so my wife has a lot of shared in Cloud Group. Even then, my wife does not dare to buy such an expensive gown.

Chi Yang is just a captain. His salary and bonus should just amount to about 450 thousand Yuan, right? Even after taking his accomplishments into account, he would not have more than 700 thousand. Where did he get all this money to splurge on a 7.5 million Yuan gown? This is not a house but a piece of clothing!

It feels like a cat is scratching my heart. I’m scared that Chi Yang is doing some illegal business on the side. Chief of staff, don’t think that I’m overthinking this matter. My Nuannuan had been kidnapped by human traffickers when she was three. She only came back to us when she was 17. I treasure my daughter a lot.

Now that Nuannuan’s in love with Chi Yang, I’m worried that Chi Yang may have an attitude problem”


After listening to Zhong Kuijun, Qu Mingyi laughed.

“Old man Zhong, you’re overthinking! I know what Chi Yang is like. It’s without a doubt that he obtains his money the right way. A person like him would never be involved in anything illegal. You don’t have to worry about this.

Not only is Chi Yang your future son-in-law, but he’s also your comrade. Even though you’re in different branches of the military, he’s still your superior. If he was able to get to his current rank at 26, it just shows that the country and military base trust him enough to hand him this much responsibility. As his father-in-law, you should just trust him like how the military base trusts him.”

“He’s my son-in-law, so of course I trust him. But he’s marrying my daughter and I don’t have the slightest idea about his background. He didn’t even tell me even after I asked him. Does he not care about his father-in-law?”

“To be honest, I don’t know about Chi Yang’s background either. In this entire military base, the commander in chief is the only one who knows about Chi Yang’s background. Why don’t you go and ask the commander in chief instead?”

Zhong Kuijun, “…”

After their meal, Zhong Kuijun returned empty-handed.

In the blink of an eye, the day of the banquet was here.

Zhong Nuannuan got up at six in the morning as usual. After washing up, she drank a glass of warm water and went for a jog.