My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 94

Chapter 94: Its Horrifying To Be Uncultured

Zhong Nuannuan continued, “I wanted to know what they were doing, so I climbed up the wall and got in through the window. Dad, you know that I grew up in the countryside. Climbing up walls is an easy task for me.

After I climbed inside, I saw Aunty Zhao keeping watch for Qianqian by the stairs. The door to my room was also wide open. I also saw a key on the doorknob. I think mom gave Qianqian the key when Chi Yang’s door was opened last time, right? Did mom give Qianqian the key to do something evil again this time?”

Jiang Shuwan froze.

Aside from the key to Zhong Kuijun’s study, all the keys in this house were with Jiang Shuwan. If she said that she had no idea about what happened, it would mean that Qianqian stole the key. She would then be guilty of one more crime. If Jiang Shuwan said that she knew about this, it would mean that she had given the key to Qianqian. She and Qianqian would be accomplices.

Jiang Shuwan felt that Zhong Nuannuan was as b*tchy as her mother. Actually, Zhong Nuannuan was worse because she was smarter than her brainless mother.

Zhong Nuannuan did not need Jiang Shuwan to admit anything. After all, the key was still on the door.

“After I pushed the door open, I saw Qianqian opening my closet. There was a pair of scissors in her hands. She was about to cut the 7.5 million Yuan gown that Chi Yang had given me. When I saw what she was about to do, I crept up behind her and yelled. Who knew that she would be so startled by me that she even let out such an ear-piercing scream.”

Jiang Shuwan shook her head. “Nuannuan, at the end of the day, Qianqian is your sister. How can you slander her like this? The closet is on this side of the room. One would notice a cat wandering in, what more a grown human being like you. How were you able to have the chance to sneak up behind her without Qianqian realizing?”

“Jiang Shuwan, do you want to fight?” Zhong Kuijun threatened.

Jiang Shuwan finally found a loophole in Zhong Nuannuan’s story. She would not give up the chance to defend Zhong Qianqian. She argued, “Nuannuan is my daughter, but I think she has grown up to be a bad woman. Shouldn’t I lecture her for a bit? Listen to what she just said. Qianqian is not that stupid. It’s obvious that Nuannuan’s the one trying to harm or frame Qianqian with the pair of scissors. That’s why Qianqian is so scared.”

Zhong Nuannuan smiled. “I know mom would definitely take Qianqian’s side. Since I knew you were going to side with sis, I took a video of her when she was in a daze. This video is proof. If you guys don’t believe me, you can watch it yourselves.”

Zhong Nuannuan turned on her phone and showed them the video.

Zhong Kuijun only had a glimpse of it before Jiang Shuwan snatched the phone from Zhong Nuannuan’s hand. Then, she immediately deleted the video.

“What video? There’s no video here. Nuannuan, why are you making slanderous accusations against Qianqian?”

Zhong Nuannuan took her phone back from Jiang Shuwan and looked at her mother like she was an idiot. After fumbling on the phone for a while, she handed it to Zhong Kuijun.

On her phone, he saw Zhong Qianqian holding a pair of scissors while staring at the custom-made gown. When the soldier, Zhong Kuijun, saw the hatred in Zhong Qianqian’s eyes, he could not help but shiver.