My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 95

Chapter 95: Youre So Shameless

Jiang Shuwan’s face was red with anger when she saw the video resurface once more after she had clearly deleted it.

Zhong Nuannuan looked at Jiang Shuwan and smiled. “Mom, don’t you know that you can recover deleted videos?”

Jiang Shuwan’s face was dark. Humiliated, she flew into a rage and said, “Nuannuan, Qianqian is your sister. How can you do such evil things to your sister? You even used such devious ways to catch her in the act!”

“Enough! Jiang Shuwan! Did you not see how scary Qianqian’s eyes were? She may be cutting clothes this time, but are you still going to defend her like this if she were to murder someone next time? Is this how you should be acting as a mother? It’s obviously Qianqian’s fault and yet, you’re blaming Nuannuan. I’m even suspecting if you are actually Nuannuan’s real mother.”

Zhong Nuannuan lifted her eyebrows. She thought that her father was amazing for standing up for her.

“Both of you, go back to your rooms and think about what you did. Write a 3000-word in-depth self-reflection before ten o’clock today. If I’m not satisfied with your self-reflections, then don’t even think about attending the banquet tonight. Get lost!”

“But the stylists are already down there”

After being glared at by Zhong Kuijun, Jiang Shuwan did not dare to say anything more. She helped Zhong Qianqian up and both of them went back to their rooms to write their self-reflections.

Aunty Zhao was about to leave too, but Zhong Kuijun did not intend to let her off the hook.

“Butler Liang, give Aunty Zhao her due salary. Tell her to get lost from Left Bank Town in half an hour.”


When Aunty Zhao heard that, she was startled.

Zhong family gave out the highest salaries around here. Her job here was an easy one as well since Zhong Kuijun rarely came home while Zhong Qianqian and Zhong Nuanuan were usually at school. Therefore, she only had to take care of Jiang Shuwan.

Plus, if she went along with Jiang Shuwan and Zhong Qianqian’s whims, they would even give her bonuses. If she was fired from the Zhong family, where would she get another high paying but easy job?

“Sir, I was wrong. Please forgive me. I won’t do it ever again.”

“I had already given you a warning a few days ago. I told you to remember your status as a servant. I said that if I find out that you’re disrespecting Nuannuan again, I’ll kick you out of the house. It’s only been a few days and you’re creating trouble again. How much do you hate Nuannuan? Or are you not even listening to me? Perhaps, in your eyes, Jiang Shuwan is the one who pays your salary every month?”

Aunty Zhao was embarrassed. She knew that she could not win over Zhong Kuijun now. She looked at Zhong Nuannuan and pleaded, “Second Miss, please forgive me. I really didn’t know what Elder Miss was doing in your room. I have been with the Zhong Family for 16 years. I’m old, and it’s hard for me to find a new job. My husband got sick recently and he needs a lot of money for his medical bills. Second Miss, I know you’re a kind person, so please forgive me.”

“Oh, so you are aware that I’m the second miss in this house? I thought that you were treating me as the servant while you saw yourself as the master. You’re still playing innocent, I see. If you really don’t know anything about their schemes, then why did you go and remove the key before I had even said anything? Aunty Zhao, do you think everyone’s an idiot like you?”