My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 97

Chapter 97: Punishment

After exchanging pleasantries with the person in charge, Zhong Kuijun went back into the house.

When he was in his study, he made a phone call.

“It’s me. Do you know the background of the boss of Lijing Mansion in Emperor District? Do you know who this person is? What’s his position in Emperor District? Alright, I get it. Nothing, I’m just asking.”

After hanging up, Zhong Kuijun went back to his room. Jiang Shuwan was on the computer copying templates for her self-reflection. When she saw him enter, she peered at him and scoffed, “I asked Qianqian to go get her makeup done. She can do her self-reflection after the banquet. Aiden’s coming today, and she’s Aiden’s partner. She can’t go out there without makeup.”

Zhong Kuijun did not pay attention to Jiang Shuwan. He took out his phone and made a call.

“It’s me. From this month on, reduce the earnings of Jiang family by ten percent”

Jiang Shuwan glared at him. “Zhong Kuijun, how can you do this? You’ve crossed the line. My brother has been working so hard for your Cloud Group. Even if he had not achieved anything big yet, but he still contributed his hard work to your company. How can you just reduce our earnings?”

“Jiang Shuwan, I had already warned you before. I had said that if you want to elicit her curiosity by being biased, then I would reduce the earnings of the Jiang family. Unfortunately, just like Aunty Zhao, you did not listen to me. So today, I’ll punish you. If the same thing happens again next time, I’ll reduce thirty percent of the Jiang family’s earnings. Since you can’t even treat your daughters equally without discrimination, then you should wait and see if I’ll do what I promised to.”

“Zhong Nuannuan, Zhong Nuannuan. Everything’s about Zhong Nuannuan! Is Qianqian not your daughter? That b*tch Pu Yu is your woman and I’m not? Don’t forget that I’m your lawfully wedded wife! That b*tch snatched away my husband! You owe me! You own the Jiang family! What right do you have to cut my brother’s earnings by ten percent?”

Zhong Kuijun grabbed Jiang Shuwan’s neck. Jiang Shuwan was so shocked that she was speechless. She could only look at her husband with a horrified look on her face.

This was the second time he had choked her after the incident seventeen years ago.

“Pu Yu and you are both my wives. Nuannuan and Qianqian are indeed my daughters. However, don’t forget where the money in Cloud Group comes from and who was the one that gave you the life you and Qianqian have today.

Also, don’t you dare forget who is the one really in control of Cloud Group. I didn’t stop Jiang Hanlin’s dirty tricks because he’s the one taking care of the business for me. However, you and your brother have to know one thing. I’m watching everything the two of you do. I can let your family live a luxurious life, but I can also throw your family into wretched poverty. So, don’t try to challenge my patience.”

He did not pity Jiang Shuwan at all. He pushed her to the ground and said, “Do you see the people down there? They’ve done such a great job decorating the place. The food looks exquisite, right? Let me tell you, those people are from Lijing Mansion. The top chefs will be cooking for us in those recreational vehicles.”

When he saw that Jiang Shuwan was stumped for words, Zhong Kuijun continued, “The boss of Lijing Mansion is Xiao Shenbin. Do you know who he is? He’s the son of the Shen Family. They’re one of the Four Dominant Families in Emperor District.

Chi Yang had asked Young Master Xiao to get the top chefs from his hotel’s restaurant to help us with the banquet. It’s evident that they’re good friends. When Lijing Mansion started operating half a month ago, Young Master Xiao had came to Jiang District, but Chi Yang knew him way before that. Do you know what does this means?”